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Whether it’s a salad, a hamburger or your morning egg sandwich, the way your meal gets made has an impact. What You’re Eating is here to help you understand how your food gets to your plate, and see the full impact of the food you eat on animals, planet and people. Join host Jerusha Klemperer, Director of FoodPrint, as she dives deeper to uncover the problems with the industrial food system, and offer examples of more sustainable practices, as well as practical advice for how you can help support a better system, through the food that you buy and the system changes you push for.

From practical conversations with farmers and chefs to discussions with policy experts on the barriers to sustainability, FoodPrint’spodcast covers everything from the why to the how.

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Episode 23: Cruel & Unusual: Veal, Foie Gras, Octopus

There are a variety of ways to raise animals for consumption — and while some would argue we shouldn’t be eating animals at all, others advocate rooting out the cruelest practices, the ones that cause the most suffering. But how do you measure cruelty? Do some animals deserve to suffer less than others because they’re especially cute or smart? And does your right to enjoy a fancy or delicious meal trump the right of an animal to not experience extreme cruelty? In this episode, we look at three controversial foods — veal, foie gras and octopus — and the campaigns launched by animal rights activists to stop their production and consumption. These foods and the animals they come from have a lot to teach us about the ethics of animal agriculture — opening up deeper questions about whether we should be eating animals at all.


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Episode 22: Vanilla and Chocolate: Foundational Flavors

Vanilla and chocolate — two of the most beloved flavors in the world — have been linked since the beginning. Both the vanilla bean and the cacao pod were first cultivated thousands of years ago in what is now Mexico, where later the Aztecs would use vanilla to make the bitter cocoa in their sacred chocolate drink more palatable. Today, these two flavors, in both natural and artificial form, dominate our dessert options, from ice cream scoops to the sweet snacks in grocery aisles. But the modern chocolate and vanilla industries both extract wealth from communities in the Global South, and these products come with all the environmental and social problems of a system that leaves smallholder farmers in poverty. How can we reconcile our love of these essential flavors with their often-problematic production?


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Episode 21: The All-American Hot Dog

For well over a century, the hot dog has been the quintessential dirt cheap, flavorful, all-American meal — a kind of meaty blank slate on which to slather your regional preferences, like slaw, chili, relish or onions. But can a person who cares about what they’re eating and the impact their food has on the environment — and animals, and meatpacking workers — eat a hot dog in good conscience? How about four or five hot dogs…every day? In this episode, we speak to a writer who did just that, all to tell us the story — good, bad and ugly — of this handheld feast.

Episode 20: The Small but Mighty Oyster

Why does the oyster — amorphous, slimy, hidden in a shell that’s craggier and more unwieldy than that of a scallop or a clam — capture so many food-lovers’ hearts? What exactly is an oyster? Why are most of the oysters we eat farmed? And why, unlike other farmed seafood, are they considered such a benefit to their environment? In this episode, we head to the farm — the oyster farm — and talk to various experts to understand more about this beloved and very sustainable bivalve.


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Episode 18: Coffee: From Seed to Cup
Episode 19: Losing Biodiversity, Losing Flavors

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