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The Daily ShowWEEKNIGHTS 11/10c

The Daily Show

June 3, 2024 – Rep. Ken Buck

Season 29 E 53 • 06/03/2024

Jon Stewart loses it over complaints about Donald Trump's guilty verdicts and the value of the court system, and former Rep. Ken Buck debates the precedent set by Trump's trial.


Full Ep23:57Sign In to WatchS29 • E42The Daily ShowMay 7, 2024 - Lexi FreimanJordan Klepper and Troy Iwata suffer through Stormy Daniels's TMI testimony, Desi Lydic discovers a lucrative way to save the planet, and Lexi Freiman talks about "The Book of Ayn."05/07/2024
Full Ep23:57S29 • E43The Daily ShowMay 8, 2024 - Matt DamonJordan Klepper and Desi Lydic analyze RFK Jr.'s startling health revelation, Lewis Black calls out Tesla's dismal profits and truck recall, and Matt Damon discusses "Kiss the Future."05/08/2024
Full Ep23:48Sign In to WatchS29 • E44The Daily ShowMay 9, 2024 - John Della VolpeJon Stewart calls out fake outrage on the right and confronts his own political shame, and John Della Volpe discusses "Fight: How Gen Z Is Channeling Their Fear and Passion to Save America."05/09/2024
Full Ep23:57Sign In to WatchS29 • E45The Daily ShowMay 13, 2024 - Ilana GlazerJon Stewart breaks down Senator Bob Menendez's corruption trial and the legal loopholes allowing members of Congress to gain wealth and power, and Ilana Glazer chats about her movie "Babes."05/13/2024
Full Ep23:59Sign In to WatchS29 • E46The Daily ShowMay 14, 2024 - Miranda JulyDesi Lydic has doubts about OpenAI's flirty new chat system Omni, The Daily Show profiles NYC mayor and "philosopher king" Eric Adams, and Miranda July discusses her novel "All Fours."05/14/2024
Full Ep23:27Sign In to WatchS29 • E47The Daily ShowMay 15, 2024 - Amy RyanDesi Lydic covers Joe Biden and Donald Trump's unexpected debate plans, Ronny Chieng and Jordan Klepper spar over the latest sports news, and actor Amy Ryan discusses "Doubt" and "Sugar."05/15/2024
Full Ep23:40Sign In to WatchS29 • E48The Daily ShowMay 16, 2024 - Helen Rebanks and Nick OffermanDesi Lydic and Josh Johnson debate the pros and cons of restoring Southern schools' Confederate names, and Helen Rebanks and Nick Offerman discuss her book "The Farmer's Wife."05/16/2024
Full Ep23:58Sign In to WatchS29 • E49The Daily ShowMay 20, 2024 - Frank FahrenkopfJon Stewart calls out the right's hypocritical obsession with victimhood and being "canceled" for expressing free speech, and Frank Fahrenkopf explains the evolution of presidential debates.05/20/2024
Full Ep23:48Sign In to WatchS29 • E50The Daily ShowMay 21, 2024 - Sebastian JungerMichael Kosta and Ronny Chieng debate the upsides of bullying nerds, Kamala Harris's unusual speech patterns are finally explained, and Sebastian Junger discusses "In My Time of Dying."05/21/2024
Full Ep23:39Sign In to WatchS29 • E52The Daily ShowMay 23, 2024 - John LegendMichael Kosta and Troy Iwata try to interpret the hidden meanings behind Justice Alito's many flags, and John Legend discusses his podcast documentary series "Afghan Star."05/23/2024
Full Ep45:49Sign In to WatchS29 • E53The Daily ShowJune 3, 2024 – Rep. Ken BuckJon Stewart loses it over complaints about Donald Trump's guilty verdicts and the value of the court system, and former Rep. Ken Buck debates the precedent set by Trump's trial.06/03/2024
Full Ep23:30S29 • E54The Daily ShowJune 4, 2024 - Marlon WayansRonny Chieng and Desi Lydic examine North Korea's trashy new strategy, Michael Kosta uncovers a smarty-pants conspiracy, and Marlon Wayans discusses his stand-up special "Good Grief."06/04/2024
Full Ep23:10S29 • E55The Daily ShowJune 5, 2024 - Joel Kim BoosterTroy Iwata investigates a p*rn-addicted Amazonian tribe, Ronny Chieng and Jordan Klepper argue about basketball news, and Joel Kim Booster discusses "Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution."06/05/2024
Full Ep23:29S29 • E56The Daily ShowJune 6, 2024 - George ConwayRonny Chieng reports on conservative backlash to Pride Month, a new product lets patriots show their passion for the flag, and attorney George Conway discusses Donald Trump's guilty verdict.06/06/2024
Full Ep23:59S29 • E57The Daily ShowJune 10, 2024Host Jon Stewart returns to his place behind the desk for an unvarnished look at the 2024 election, with expert analysis from a team of correspondents.06/10/2024

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The Daily Show - June 3, 2024 – Rep. Ken Buck | Comedy Central US (2024)
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