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Meek Mill FADER Cover + Story

Meek Mill

of sleep in the next roomThe same two tracks have beenPlaying on loop forSeveral minutes, as Meek andNicki Minaj, his girlfriend, argueGently over

Play For Keeps


Strange Clouds


with warmer coversPolar bear pimpin', solar flare spittin'Somebody tell 'em that this is professional stuntin', don't attempt itSociety is twisted,

Play for Keeps


Strange Clouds [Clean]


coversPolar bear pimpin', solar flare spittin'Somebody tell 'em that this is professional stuntin' and don't attempt itSociety is twisted, they tryna

untitled 05 | 09.21.2014


untitled unmastered.


a dateProfessional dream killers reason why I'm awakeI'm sleep walkin', I'm street stalkin', I'm outta placeReinforcing this heat barking, these are

tequila shots still rocking my mask getting sloppySikeI'm a professional. This ain't a hobbyIf you're yawning, you won't be here in the morningAppear

Silly of You


Brand New


Hey, let me get them keysTo the crib and Lexus, step to thisAnd I know some cats livin' down in TexasS and P and B.D. on the V.I.P. guest listWho

All I Want is Money


Know every blind spot, so they won't catch me on the cameraProfessional paper getterNo time for the chatter chitterZone00, but they call me Billy

sleep comes super easily these days (feat. Chris Chrome)

Holden Stephan Roy

while I yawnCuz I rather sleepThan leak secrets that we keepThat holds the fabricOf this erratic societyIn this musical diary'sWoven with in

RAL Mafia


polluted with drugsSalute 'em with thugsWe used toSleep on a rugA momma never said she lovedOr hugged usIt's just us, me and my two sistersI'm too

Angelface (Multiples 5 vs Travel 4)


You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having


the backyard to drift some moreWoke up in Texas next to a liquor storeWith a woman who don't even drink alcoholBig letters IRONY tagged on the wallShe was

Bitches, Dope, and Dollars


The Tonite Show


When I take that final sleepI pray my maker carry meTake my fame and pull it freeBitch nigg*s to bury meWas a bigger manBut they make me

MEGAMIND (feat. Vvgod)


and dogging, a bitch nigg* that bark loudNight night, sleep that baby boy cus he wanna act outTip toeing in my Jordan's, and I'm pulling all my medals outMake



I'm a menace to societyJus let me f*ck shorty, put ya pride aside for meTell the truth, I'm dat nigg*, don't you lie to meI can't solve ya

Untitled #5


popular, pop em' when I wantSee I'm livin' with anxiety, duckin' the sobrietyf*ckin' up the system, I ain't f*ckin' with societyJustice ain't free,


AM (Deluxe LP edition)

Cream is what I'm lickin' from my side bitch's butt cheeksKeep the lips on the tip, 2 bucks and let you peepBlack sheep of a society that keeps

STATE OF THE DREAM (feat. Quincy)


these dreamsThe world wanna save them joints for my sleepYou all want to be, what's seen on TVC-T-R-L V, V, VKeep my head clean. Block out the screens

Suicidal Thinking


doesn't mean sh*tThis society we live in is a crime in itselfWe forget ourselves trying to gain material wealthAnd its sad when your status is reflected

Rest Your Head


Still struggling to find the sleep that I Need to function in societyI guess I’ve always been this waySome people are so lucky just to function

Welcome to Viaska


I wish I died in my sleepI wish I died at the end of my playI wish I died writing this verseI wish I wasn't stuck here living in this worldI wish

Where Am I Going With This?

Apollo Bebop

of society, sonMans it’s so much pop makes me burp a lotMakes me wonder if music’s even worth a shotCuz I can never seem to figure what on earth is hotBut I


that C. Jung fearedI trust in bonds of confidants that I see young steerFree from masks that we wear in societyFlee from my past no more now I gotta

I Look Into


fencesCreep where you sleep at seeking vengeanceSociety to actuality Imma a menaceMinus the sinus I'm ya finestCough-cough nigg*s cry sick sign usWe


Logan Green

what's newIon know watch thisPerfect timing wit no watch on my wristIn 2000 I was born20 years laterIm clouded hella goneI'm from Texas like da Long

Thumbin Thru These Raqs

Partial Print

Sippn Pink like TexasOn the block like TetrisF*** around we treacherous Let them shots go like Tetanus I be flexing all on my exes got these



Texas Society of Sleep Professionals (2024)
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