Puzzles Like This Are Why We Love Sudoku (2024)



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Cracking The Cryptic

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Geteilt July 30, 2020

Alexander Rappa returns to Cracking The Cryptic with this gorgeous (and very approachable) puzzle - play it at the link below:cracking-the-cryptic.web.app/sudoku/N6Jdp8NdgpRules:Normal sudoku rules apply. Clues outside the grid function as BOTH Sandwich and X-Sums Clues. In addition, Queen and King sudoku rules apply.1. X-Sums: Numbers outside the grid indicate the sum of the first X digits in the corresponding direction. X is the first digit in the corresponding direction.2. Sandwich: Numbers outside the grid indicate the sum of the digits between the 1 and the 9.3. King: No digit can lie a "king's move" away from an equal digit (i.e. no digit can be adjacent to an equal digit, even diagonally).4. Queen: You cannot repeat the number 9 within a "queen's move" (ie along the same diagonal).The puzzle was published on Logic Masters Germany here:logic-masters.de/Raetselportal/Raetsel/zeigen.php?…**************************************************************The solution video for our Sudoku Hunt is also now available for all $3 patrons and above. Congratulations to the 260+ solvers who have completed the hunt correctly!You can become a patron here:www.patreon.com/crackingthecrypticJoke van Veenendaal's new puzzle hunt is also available free at our patreon page above.**************************************************************Our Chess Sudoku App has just been updated to include lots of Queen Sudoku puzzles! Do update your app to access these puzzles :)Our Sandwich Sudoku App has just been updated to allow users to transfer data between different devices! This update is coming later this month for Classic Sudoku, Chess Sudoku and Thermo Sudoku!▶ CTC FAN DISCORD SERVER◀discord.gg/BbN89j5▶ OUR BACK CATALOGUE – ALL CATEGORISED WITH LINKS!◀tinyurl.com/CTCCatalogue▶ OUR NEW THERMO SUDOKU APP IS OUT!◀AppStore: apps.apple.com/us/app/thermo-sudoku/id1513994223 Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.StudioGo…Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/1316390/Thermo_Sudoku/ ▶ NEW CRACKING THE CRYPTIC MERCHANDISE◀ teespring.com/en-GB/stores/cr...▶ OUR CHESS SUDOKU APP IS NOW OUT!◀AppStore: apps.apple.com/us/app/chess-sudoku/id1500654482?ls…Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/1250560/Chess_Sudoku/Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.StudioGo…▶TRY OUR CLASSIC SUDOKU APP◀AppStore: apps.apple.com/us/app/classic-sudoku/id1488838275?…Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/1188330/Classic_Sudoku/Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.StudioGo…▶TRY OUR SANDWICH SUDOKU APP◀AppStore: apps.apple.com/us/app/sandwich-sudoku/id1476116705… Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/1117310/Sandwich_Sudoku… Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.StudioGo…▶SUPPORT US + ACCESS EXCLUSIVE "CRACKING THE CRYPTIC" PUZZLES/VIDEOS◀Patreon: www.patreon.com/crackingthecryptic▶SEND US PUZZLES TO SOLVE/CONTACT US◀crackingthecryptic@gmail.com▶FOLLOW US◀Twitter: #crypticcracking @crypticcrackingInstagram (for how to solve daily clues from The Times): www.instagram.com/crackingthecryptic/?hl=en▶SOFTWARE◀Play the puzzle in the video by clicking the link under the video (above). We are building a website which will allow you to enter your own sudoku puzzles into the software and this is coming soon! ▶Logo Design◀Melvyn Mainini▶ABOUT US◀Hi! We're Simon Anthony and Mark Goodliffe, two of the UK's most enthusiastic puzzle solvers. We have both represented the UK at the World Sudoku Championships and the World Puzzle Championships. We're also "cryptic crossword" aficionados. Mark is the twelve-time winner of The Times championship and Simon is the former record holder for most consecutive correct solutions to The Listener crossword. We hope we can help your puzzle solving while also introducing you to some of the world's best puzzles.Thank you for watching!Simon and Mark


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Puzzles Like This Are Why We Love Sudoku (2024)


What does it mean if you love Sudoku? ›

If you love playing Sudoku, your hidden powers reveal that you must have confidence, speedy analyzing powers, quick decision-making skills, and not break down under pressure. You may like tough challenges. Yet, you have an uncanny ability to remain calm under pressure.

Can Sudoku always be solved without guessing? ›

Sudoku does not require luck. Sudoku does not require guessing. In fact, when solving Sudoku puzzles, you're better off NOT guessing at all. Sudoku is a logic puzzle, using the power of simple deductive reasoning and process of elimination to fill in the gaps in the grid.

Why do I like Sudoku so much? ›

It's fun to use your brain.

Sudoku gives us a chance to flex our mental muscles in a variety of ways. Every time you place a new number on the Sudoku grid, you are utilizing different parts of your brain.

What is the number puzzle similar to Sudoku? ›

Like Sudoku, solving a Kakuro puzzle involves investigating combinations and permutations.

What is the IQ of a Sudoku solver? ›

The ability to solve a Sudoku Puzzle indicates that your IQ is most likely in the range 50–200.

Is Sudoku for high IQ? ›

From this case study it can be concluded that an individual who is skilled at solving Sudoku puzzles likely has a high general IQ. The results of the weak correlation between Sudoku scores and the WAIT test indicates that in some cases a high Sudoku doesn't necessarily mean a high general IQ.

What is the 45 rule in Sudoku? ›

The 45 Rule

An essential Killer Sudoku solving technique is the "45 rule". This uses the fact that every row, column and block must contain each of the numbers 1 to 9 once. Therefore, the total of all numbers in one row, column or block will always be 45.

What is the trick to solve Sudoku fast? ›

Focus on a section at a time.

Rather than trying to work on the entire puzzle at the same time, look at the section of the puzzle that has the fewest empty cells. Try your best to work through and deduce as many of the numbers in that row, column, or square as you can.

Is there a secret to doing Sudoku? ›

The most basic strategy to solve a Sudoku puzzle is to first write down, in each empty cell, all possible entries that will not contradict the One Rule with respect to the given cells. If a cell ends up having only one possible entry, it is a "forced" entry that you should fill in.

What kind of person is good at Sudoku? ›

Solving the most high-level Sudoku players requires speed, quick decision-making, and an element of confidence and “guts.” The best Sudoku players are unflappable under pressure.

What happens if you play Sudoku every day? ›

Stimulates your mind: The game works on your logical thinking process as you are absorbed in solving a puzzle and eventually improve your number skills. Helps with decision-making: Sudoku not only keeps you absorbed in the game for hours, it also helps you with decision-making and time management skills.

Why is Sudoku so addictive? ›

[And Sudoku] is one of the most addictive puzzles ever invented. What makes it so addictive? It's the appeal of the empty squares to be filled in, which is a quality it shares with crosswords, and it has very simple rules. You can learn it in 10 seconds, and yet the logic needed to solve Sudoku is challenging.

What is the least clues for Sudoku? ›

Many Sudokus have been found with 17 clues, although finding them is not a trivial task. A 2014 paper by Gary McGuire, Bastian Tugemann, and Gilles Civario proved that the minimum number of clues in any proper Sudoku is 17 through an exhaustive computer search based on hitting set enumeration.

What math is Sudoku? ›

A Latin square of order n is an n × n array in which each row and column contains each of the n symbols exactly once. The number n is the order of the Latin square. Sudoku is a Latin square of order 9, but additionally includes the condition that each block must also contain the numbers 1 through 9.

What is the hardest Sudoku puzzle in the world? ›

The world's hardest sudoku is a specific sudoku board that was made by Arto Inkala in 2012 and is considered the hardest solveable sudoku puzzle in the world.

What does playing Sudoku say about you? ›

Showing Determination

The best Sudoku players have taken a fun game and transformed their skills to a higher level. Whether or not we ever play at a Sudoku World Championship, this type of determination and diligence is admirable, and is something that we can try to emulate in other areas of life.

Is Sudoku good for your mental health? ›

Playing Sudoku may offer a range of brain health benefits, including enhanced mental agility and concentration, stress reduction, improved memory, sharpened pattern recognition skills, and enjoyable mental challenges.

What is the psychology behind Sudoku? ›

Your brain is a complex organ that reacts to rewards. When you solve a Sudoku puzzle, especially when faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge and then find a solution, dopamine is released. This neurotransmitter hormone is closely related to reward mechanisms, motivation, and the feeling of happiness.

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