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' ,ongress


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Pat Hill a<ponent Writer

ongress granted Montana University nearly $16

n for research, ranging whirling disease preven­nd wild fish habitat im­ment to fuel cell tech­y and brucellosis vaccine opment. ighteen MSU research cts received Congres-1 approval, but the $1 n grant for fuel cell tech­y research has implica­far beyond Montana's rs. Last week the Bush

rnistration announced rt for autos that run on novative power source. uel cells utilize hydrogen, st abundant element in the

arse and have the potential twice as efficient as gas en-Fuel cell technology is also

~sted to be much cleaner he burning of fossil fuels. e Magazine reported last

mber that the technology provide the United States ay to kiss the sheiks ye. ~

SU chemistry professor 'pangler is coordinator of

i iversity's new fuel cell re­l h center, and he told the ' ion Daily Chronicle that

's research will center on 1 going control systems to !live how fuel cells work as

fa larger power system." ~/e can take this money fo something positive for

ktate and th e n ational en ­situarion ... said Spangler t Chro111cle. " \X'e're tn­:i builJ a svstem that us~s rells bettt:~." >thcr \l <.; L pro11:cts gi\·en rcen light <tnd the fund-} l ongn:s~ last momh in-

3 million for the ~tudy of "extreme thermal em i­

ents. ·· $2 million ior ach ;meed

-electric.al" research.

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0 Issue 28 Vol 96 Janua 18, 2002

Methane drilling in dispute

Photo by Pat Hill

Last Friday, the Bridger Canyon Planning and Zoning Commiss ion voted 5-0 to deny n request for a coalbed methane dri lling permit to the J.M. Huber Corporation in the Bozeman Pass area.

Local planning commission denies methane drilling permit

KDxponent Wrjtetat Hill Opponents of coalbed meth­

ane drilling in the Bozeman Pass area won the first round in the fight last Friday, after the Bridger Can­yon Planning and Zoning Commis­sion voted 5-0 to deny a drilling permit to J.M. Huber Corp.

Huber's application for a con­ditional use permit to drill an ex­ploratory well in the Jackson Creek

area, located within the Bridger Canyon Zoning District, was de­nied by the commission after two days of public hearings in Bozeman last week. The corporation has leased the mineral rights to 18,000 acres around Bozeman Pass and chose the Jackson Creek explor­atory well site for "geologic rea­sons," according to Huber geolo­gist George Hampton.

The crowd on hand at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds dur-

ing the final vote on Friday cheered loudly after the commission's unanimous vote to deny the per­mit, but the battle is far from over. The Bridger Canyon Zoning Dis­trict encompasses only 4,000 acres of Huber's mineral rights proper­ties. Land that the corporation leases outside the district falls un­der the jurisdiction of the Montana

· Board of Oil and Gas Conserva­tion, which gave their okay for the Jackson Creek site last year.

"There's a lot of gas in that coal," Hampton told commis­sioners on Thursday, when Huber presented its case for drill­ing. Old coal mines, co*ke kilns, and slag piles in evidence throughout the Bozeman Pass area are mute testimony to Huber's estimation that up to a half-trillion cubic feet of methane

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MSU professor invited to show ftlm at Slamdance Festival

Montana State Universiry film professor Cindy tillwell's film, "The fir t tory." has been ac­cepted in rhe lamdance Film fes­ti\•al. an alternaci\·e illm festi\·al set Jan. l I -19 in Park City. Utah.

The ~lam dance Pesm·al. \\'hi ch bills itself JS an annual upst•lrt ft..:sr. i held in conjunction wnh the famed undancc film Festi\ al. To gcther. the f\\ o l~ti\'als an.: one of the major Jnnual media e\·ents ror American filmmake1'$.

tillwell s l 1-minute an film. \\hi ch features images ol trains and rracror-rrailer trucks in the large spaces of i\lomana anJ

Wyoming, was one of 12 shorts and 12 feature films selected from

Stillwell , who teaches cinematog­raphy at MSU. She said alterna­

tive filmmak­ing is a Jifficulr field, and re­jection is fre­quent. T here­fore. she \\as thrilleJ to

11.:arn of her ac ceptance at a lcsti\ al where her film \\ill ger a great dc,11 of exposure.

Photo courtesy of MSU News Services "The two more than 2.468 films submirted festivals dra\\' the llolly\\'ood ci r­to the lam<lance competition. cus to town for 10 d,1)~ •lS film-

"l t's \'ery cool and rm \'er) makers. actors. agents, pro<luc­excited at Ill\ selection ," aid ers. distributors anJ e\·erything

in-bef\veen attempt to promote and hopefully sell their latest projects," Stillwell said. She said she is pleased ro screen at Slamdance because it provides such good exposure for indepen­dent filmmakers. ··especial !) rhose \\·ho do not Ii\ e in New \ork or Los 1\ngelcs."

Th~· \ 1$LOn for "The Fir~t Srnn .. began in L111der. \\'\ o \\here ' rdl\\'dl \\ llrked on J

dudt..: ranch and in a ne\\·sp~1pcr

darkroom b..:fore .1ttcnd1ng graduate school in film m '\e\\ York L:ni\ crSll). Tht: sc.1le ol rhe land impacted her. he re­turned to tht: \\'est mort..: th;111

k]) ee Film page 13

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• • 1n1ons

Koetter to the Editor

fir.r of all. I\\ ant to rhJnk the many kind .111d \\ onderful people I han: met 111 111) year in Bozeman. You ,ire ,1 community of charm. dignin. hospira lit) and '' armrh. 1\nd the uni Yer sll\, where I spent the past year. is filled \\ ith tremendt'US edu­cator.. energeuc students. and p.1ssion,ltc ,dumn1 "htl Jo, e their Bobc.u~.

I lo\l'en·r. benc.1tl1 the com­munit\ commitment .md .ippc'ir • 1nce ot m.unst rc.1111 \meric.i. rhcrc is .1 d.1rk ,idc \ ,1,k \\·irh decepm c l.1ls1.: I.ice:,. m.m1puL1 me mouths .111d h.ird to lmd c:\L' of honest). J'h \ <Ire k1W\\ 11 tO me: .is: C:o.u:h.

I .1rri\'C:cl 111 BozenlJn last J .mu.tr) Jft<: r rccci\ mg .1 lull .uh

leuc schobr hip ro pl.1y fombaU. It was a dream come true. I \\'a a leading CJliforma high school recel\·er and after L\\'t' ye.tr~ at

.1cr.1mento City College as a stand out, \\'here I led m\ team to two ~hrmc Bo\l'I Ch,1mpion ships. my hopes of becoming a big time college pLl\ er. m.1ybe make the pros. get my degree and hopdully teach and co.ich somc­d.t\ \\ere becoming .1 realll\. L nnl I ble,,· it 1

1 ou sec. I h.1d t<tkc·n steroid~ ft,r .1bout •l month hc:fore com· mg to Bozcm,rn i\ stupid thing to dt'! \\1hcn I \\' ,JS drug re,ted. ,horrh .1ttc:r ..1rri' ing <'11 umpu . 1 ot C\)l sc t.uleJ !"he s1ero1ds h.1d lh\t tlu hed t rom 111\ '''rem :\ h ,d1ol.trship \\.Is 'tripped .md I h.t .1 \ e.1r t'f cligihility \\ h.it I thought ""is the ,,.,,rst thing th.u could h.1pp1.:n '' .1, tinh the: bq:m ning <'I rh.:- ''l'<'' 10 tome l

EXponent Th I xpo 11, publhhcd mo't 1..iesd;l\' .md I mla\s 1hwuJ'

<'ur rl-ie ac.1d1.:P11, 'dmol \e.1r. d1,trihut,·d tr1.:< thw11ghout the t 'ni

\'t'l'Slt) Jnd Bo1e1 111 u1mmumt\ and 1' nlhl1.Hnl \\1th the \-sou.1tnl 'iwdents of \10111.111.1 '-,t.llc: Lim\ c:r-11\

I l·e l xpo c I \1 t·lnll11e' letter' to dw I d1wr .mt! gu.::'1 , d1wn.tls lro1111ts aud1l'nu I l'll<'" should b,• no l1111gl'r than >Oll \\'<lrd, ( •lll''l uhwn:.11, ,hould he n<\ longer tl1.1n 6l)() '' ord, ,\1[ ,uhn11"101i- shou d indudl' th,· .111thor\ n.1nw, .1ddrc:" .1111! phone number \111111\ nw11' 'ubmis'1on> "ill 11ot be pri1111:d.

fJ•t! I xpu11e11t ,tlso n:serYl's the• right to edir ,tll suhm1s,111n tor contelll. gra111m.1r .111<l spell mg. I h1 /;xpon, nl .1lso r.:,cn e' dw ri!,!IH 10 rqen any suh1111s,ion. Signc:<l editon.ds rc:pre'>ent thl' opinion ot the author anti in nt> \\<I) rc:Oect the opinions of th.: T"hc b.pom·11t, ad\'l'rtiscrs. \"i\l'>lt. or .\lontan.1 ">tate l nin:r. it). Uns1gnc:d edi ron als represent tht op1111ons of J b, [' 'P°' .,,, .md do not retlecc the opinions oi the I h" I.xpom nt Jd\'l!rtisc:r-., \ <, \1'-, L' or i\lont<llla <., tat!.! Umver>lt). - ----------------- - - - - -

Exponent S t a f f Editor- in-Chief 994- 2224 Demce F Woller expo o montana.edu

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\\anted to stay and \\'Ork it our. I wanrcd to pro\'e myself to the school. to the ream and to the co,1ches. It\\ as my de ire co gro\\' through rhi and be restored the follmnng year.

\\di. good news came. ,\ (. cer consulrncion from the l'\C t\t\. I \\as ad\ 1sed to appc.11 the rul­mg. :-,o I did. \nd to 111\ sur­prise:. rhc ruling \\"a. O\cnurned. .md 1 \\ .1~ lulh reinsc,ned \\'ith m~


of the

January 18, 2002

chobrship and returned to the ream. \'\'hat a happy ending .... so I thought. Yes. I \\'a guilty oi rnking sterciids. but because of a 1ech111cality I \\'as restored. I \\'as gi\'en a econd chance- I thought.

You see. l was not subject to rhe drug test becau e the un1\·er sity fai led to have me sign the :\C \A s!lldent arhlece drug con em form prior co the tesc 1\s a

result ot their O\'Crsigh1. the uni

'A vacation to Hawaii ff

Kale Vincent Junior Business

"A puke-colored stocking cap from my grandmother:·

Cory Rilley Junior M.E.T.

versit) recet\'ed •l smction - J

nm and if YOU \\ill-from >:CAA. eems like the ' C

made a mistake. :\o\\ a "true" educator

\\1th chJracrer - \\'Ould I this and s.1\ "\\hat ha\ learned from th ts .111d hm\' d mo\·e on?" It's ,ti! part oi the canonal process - w learn

"A pair of binoculars hunting:·

Theresa Lemmon Freshman Ag Business

"Ski boots:·

Barry Hagbom Freshman Architecture

~proves illions 1)rMSU· ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (3)

zE t ~ xponen January 18, 2002 3 =:'.oach: Putting personal issues aside Apology

As an Exponent writer I wish to apologize to all of its readers and staff, as well as all readers of The University a/Wisconsin-Madison and its staff. Due to a lack of com­munication between an out­side source and myself, the story "Enormous Lost Bra Spurs Investigation" was in­advertently added to the Exponent's "spoof" issue, known as T he Excrement. The story originally appeared in The Onion in the Nov. 22-28, 2001 issue. The Editor and staff of the Exponent were unaware of its existence prior to the date of Excre­ment printing. The sto ry would ne\'er ha\'e been printed had I known where my friend bad gotten ir. Once. again sincerest apolo­git:s to ,i]J.

) ootjoued from poge 2 mistakes. forgive and become er for it. At least that's how I raised - ro be a person of

.racrer - admit your wrongs, from them ... and strive to


Well .. .I soon learned rhar not one holds to this teaching.

gan to be ostracized almost ediarely by Offensive Coor­or. Don Bailey.

Placing me on the scour team n clearly I was a rop per­er, ignoring my requests to

·uss my performance. refusing ook me in the eyes \\'hen I Id conlronc him. bad mouth­me to the other coaches. re­ting ag.1inst me b) in~istini? I

!{]ckeJ olf the team because 1) failed Jrug te~t \\'ere jw,t e of tbl' char.icter building ~rienccs I luJ. I stayed all mer to workout d.1ily - some-

times I was rhe only one there -ar my own expense. I worked hard, lifted, ran, practiced, put on 15 pounds only to be told ar the start of preseason camp thar I was 20 pounds overweight and ill pre­

mouthed bush league vocabulal) and bis lack of leadership and re­sponsibility to me as a student-ath­lete, was shameful. For any coach to mistreat, disrespect and trash a hard-working, committed member of the team is both unprofessional and unworthy of the title "Coach."

On numerous occasions other coaches and top players would

pared. That wasBULL! I was trying to prove myself only to be shamed.

It wasn't long before I knew, rhe ream knew and rhe other

"The name calling by Mr. Kramer, and I do mean foul­mouthed bush league vocabu­lary and his lack of leadership and responsibility to me as a student-athlete, was shameful ~'

plead \\rirh both Mr. Kramer and Mr. Bailey to play me, saying I had worked coaches knew,

that ~1r. Bailey bad it our for me. As I would attempt to approach the Head Coach \like Kramer. he \\'Ould consisrentl) blo\\ me off. tell me to go back to Coach Baile) anJ han<lle my own problems. ·· \ftcr all we 're winmng ... he would sa)

The name c.alling b\ ,\lr. Kramer, anJ I Jo mean loul

($6.00 with 2 homemade

hard, I \\'as worth) and deserving of a chance ro play. This met noth­ing to them. fa·en after our start· ing recei\'ers were hurt and the team began to lose. it\\ as more im­portant to punish me than to do tl1e right rhmg.

\\'ell. most of you Jon 't e\·en kno\\' me. and I am gone no\\. bt:-

s500 ALL meatballs)


Dinner includes: Spaghetti, Garlic Bread & Small D inner Salad. Add your choice of Pepsi soda for only $1.50 more ... Free Refills!

cause my football scholarship was not renewed. ot because of bad grades, not because I broke team rules, not because I dicln 't have the ability .... but because I blew it. I failed a drug test last year. But through the failure, my character has grown and is intact. I know now what it means to be an educa­tor and coach. To help those un­derstand their mistakes, to learn from life's experiences and help others to succeed. For that, I am eternally grateful for the time I had in Bozeman.

My hope is that my fellow Bob­cat teammates will go on to expe­rience glorious and victorious days. And for Mr. Kramer and Mr. Bailey, may you as well, find character again so thar you can restore rhe dignity and honor to the title "Coach.·· Your student-athletes dest:f\'C that.


f usun Reber #8/ C.1se~ i\ling

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res 5 January 18, 2002

\ward-winning trio plays Gallatin Gateway Dpecial to the Exponent

from the Redwoods ro the ckies to the Blue Ridge i\loun­"ls, the members of the Phillips

• ier I !inner

producing True Lrfc Blues, The Songs of Bill Monroe. in 1996.

Grier, rhe man with rhe Howd) Doody hair and the "how'd he <lo dar!?" guirar wiz­ardry, is respecred a one of the

foremost blue­grass guitarists

Who: Todd Phillips on acoustic bass. David

of all time. A seYen-time \\ mner of the International Bluegr<lSS .\lu· sil \ssociarion (, ,ar PL11a ot th1: \ 1:ar l\ .Irll, c.ner

Grier on acoustic guitar, and Matt Flinner on banjo and mandolin What: Incredible U>nt nJL' to acoustic instrumental bluegrass

Js11 :h._

ho11nd.1rJl'' ot ,lCOU,tJC 01u,ll

.11 d bl•iegrn" into Jre.1s ne1 er before explored \\'ith four solo al ­bums to his credit and ap

Where: Gallatin Gateway Inn When: Thursday, Jan. 24 at 8 p.m.

n \Ian rlinnt'r combine force> reate their own brand oi ne\\ USCIL 111 U<;iL

Ph11l1ps i> the acou ·uc bass­f choice on man) oi the mo t vat1Ye as \1·cll as traditional.

ustic bluegrass recordings ill<: 01 er th.: past 23 \'Car . I fo ~n recordings ha\'l~ recen ed 1mm1 .1wards .m<l rremen<lous ical .icda1m Phillips recei\·ed first Gramm) \ward in 1983

•member of The Ne\\ outh. J hi. second Grammy came for

pearances on OYer 5 albums b\ such artists as Tim O'Bnen. _\lark O'Connor. Jerr) Douglas. John :-.kEuen and Psychogra s. Grier continues to crearc. astoni hingl~ full and smooth sounds.

Flinner, a narn·e of Salt Lake City. is one of acoustic mu ic 's most respected young players. A. two-time \\'infield 1'\ational Championship \\inner (banjo, mandolin) and a past member of Ton} furtado's blazing blue­grass ens..:mble. ugarbeat,

photo courtesy of Vootre

Pili/lips, Grier, n11d Fli1111er, respectivt'ly, are each acco111pli.\lled musiciam i11 tile ll'orld o(blue­gmss. Tlie acoustic triu i destined to fill tile i11ti111ate halls of tile Gallati11 Gatell'a!' /1111.

flmner's pla~ 111g e\ okes the sonic textures of the best acous­tic 1azz while paymg hom.1ge to bluegra sand Celtic music. His debut solo album. flit \'iezc from E-lere, brought Flinner to the forefronr as a composer and band leader, recct\ ing unani ­mous critical acclaim. In addi­tion to his solo pro1ects, Flinner is a regular member of The Judith Edelman Band.

Philltps, Grrer & I li1111cr, the trio's self-ricled recording. lets the

listener in on ,111 en11-aging rhree­\\·a} musical con\'c.rs•ltlOn. The .1lbum 's nine original tunes .ire rich!) mdodic, yet bl\ e plenf} of room for jazz. b luegrass anJ educ-inspired olos. \\'hat strikes rhl ltsti.:ner mo tis equal com·er­sation between artists. \nth each pbyer as responsible for prond­ing ~trong lead a for pro\'iding supporti\'t! back-up.

"L·eryone had to carry their \1•e1ght on these runes. There \\'<ts no room for an) of us co sir

back [f someone had. ir \\Otdd han, t.1ken a\1'<1) trom the tex­ture ot the music ... Phillips ..:x­plaine<l.

The .1lbum ·s opening track "P,11n1 It Shut." penned bv flinner. is •l robu t modern bluegrass cl.1ssic. fe,1tur1ng a quirk\. cd1ic inspired solo pw­\'i<leJ b1 Grier The S\\'<.:Ct bal­lad '\ Long Time Ago.· \\ rit-

K'.Dee Acoustic page 7

l step-by-step guide to kickin'butts after New Year's

~uit Smoking Checklist

1 .

A guide to doing the unthinkable

Convince yourself you're actually going to .

• Get someone else to quit with you.

Quick drinking caffeine a week before no nicotine.

Don 't get into the habit of "I only smoke when I drink:'

Try to stay out of fue bars that allow smoking.

Hold on for dear life and apologize • profusely to those around you.

If ) ou 're a smoker \1 ho thought about quitting on Jan 1. plea e Jon 't be roo tough on yourself if you're puffing on a cigarette as you read th is art icle. l f you like to party e\'er) New Year's E\'e, and if you di<ln 'r do an) preparation before stopping smoking. 1 e\\' Year's Da) is ab­solurel: the \\'Orsr <la) of the year to stop making.

As an ex-smoker and as a re­searcher of smoking cessation products and rechnique O\'er the pasr 20 years, l'\'e learned some thing that ma~ be helpful if you truly want to release tobacco from your Life.

There are t\l'O basic reasons why New Year's is bad choice for most quirting makers. The firsr is \\'hat most people pur into their bodie the night at the parties. All the sugary, C<trbohydra te ­heavy foods make your body work overtime to digest them.

Combine that with any O\'er­in<luldgence in alcohol and you

probabl) had one \Cr) lethargic hango\·er ro deal 111th as \OU

cruised through the iog of ,di the TV bowl games on the first <la) oi2002 The

ing with methods of coping- ex­ercise. seli-nrnssage. brearhing and tretching to name <I fe\1 It also mean> choosing to be smart enough ro uke actions rh,u are consistent with your desire co be smoke-fre..:.

Let's go back to thar ew Year's d<l\

second rea ­son is thar without an actual plan to quit it was much more like!) tha t you ran ou t to the local conven ience store for a pack of ciga­renes before the kickoff of rhe sec­ond ga me.

"If you've made a resolu­tion to stop smoking in the New Year, start the process of quitting- the preparation- during the first week of the New Year. Simply refuse to put it off any longer:'

morning see narit' again . Preparing for those bo\1 I games, you 'II huffle quierl)

to the kitchen and make <I pot of coffee. for lots of smokers, cof­fee i "\1 ake-- Charles Tedesco

I recom­mend a1 least three week of preparation time before quirting. W'har can )OU do to prepare?

It 's important to boost your sense of self-trust, rake dietar} steps to prepare your body, and learn new ways of coping with stress. Thar means experiment-

u p JUICe .. -

especialh on Jan. 1, \\'hen you feel so run dmrn after all chat celebrating.

Coffee ts rhe 4u11ting smoker', biggest enem). Like ,, cigarette, It usually gi\'eS you <l

W ee Resolutions page 6

~proves illions 1)rMSU· ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (6)

• •

J anuary 18, 2002 ~Ex

Bozeman's own 'Tex' releases album koxponent Writetat Hill

Scon "Te," Tucker says he h,1s been making music "since .. fore\ er." ,ind the Bozeman encerrainer's song\\'riting ;md s1-;-~tring tJlent shme ch rough on hi ne\\' CD re­lease Bl'l1ccc11 th< Tracks

Tucker is besc known for per­forming solo shO\\ s at che Haufbrau in Bozem;m for more than l 0 years. 1 {is latest CD cov­ers the gamuc from classic coun­cry to rousing rock and roll. buc ic is his brand of the blues that really distinguishes the record.

Trains often cross pachs with the blue . and Betu·een the Tracks runes like "Ir's Cold" and '· Burned you Down " belay that influence in Tucker's music.

"I feel at home with rail­roads," said Tucker. "Ever since

I was .1 kid, trams held a mysnque for me." ! le said that he even worked with ,, section cre\\ for a time. but th ese d.1ys Tucker catches the crJin wtth a guirar and a song.

The multi calcnred enter­tainer got his first paying Job as a musician m 196-l, when he was just 1-l years old

"That\\ as in Kellogg. Idaho ... Tucker n.:called. "The bJnd was called The Hustlers . .I chink I made $100." I le has done count­less gigs since then , playing solo or performing rock, blues or country with numerous bands in the orthwest.

"My older brother goc me into music," Tucker said. "He had this great collection of singles from the 1950s thac he played all the time. I \\as enthralled." He said his brocher also had an elec­cric gwtar, and the aspiring young


CENTER 587-8333

Comprehensive Visual Examinations

Wide Variety of Contact Lenses

for Same Day Service

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: $6500 . $8000 : I I I I Glasses Package : Soft Daily Wear I

t _!~~!. ~ :_e,!!s_::_ .l _E:a_: _&~~n~a,:t:_ J KRAIG D. KUNTZ, O.D.


musician was informeJ rhar " 'if you touch my records or guitar. I'll kill you!'"

"Of course l haJ co," Tucker said with <l snule, adJing rh,tt the song "Red Dog" on Bctu·crn the Tracks is '' nod to the brother who, 111 essence. propelled his musical career.

B: 197-l Tucker and fello\\' mu 1c1ans D.rn Roys and Tom Rhodes \\'ere performing in the Coeur D' Alene area on a regu­lar basis.

"Dan was from Bozeman and we evenrually migrated here ," said Tucker. "Around 1978 we threw the John Colter Band to­gether. \X'e played a bluegrassy, country-rock rype of music. so we adapted a mountain man name for the band" said Tucker. John Colter, a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, opted to stay in the \YJest when the Corps

of Discovery headed back do\\'n the Missou ri River to t.

Louis in 1 06. t le was the first white man to describe Yellowstone Park, and "Colter's Hell" \\as regarded as a "rail tale" by mosc people of the era.

Tucker said thar rhe John Colter Band "playeJ togecher on the road .. for e ighc years. and they recorded an album in 198-l.

·'\'('e gor crewed on chat deal,·· Tucker said of the record. "It sounded terrible. That knocked the wind out of our sails." He said that the re­cording probably led to the breakup of the band in 1986. Tucker consequencly spent a lot of time and care with his

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Pl'Ocra1tinator Theatre p 1e1e ft t1 Thull .. Oi9ht at the Utter boH ..

•• rla1h Gotdon ••

Thu11. @7 pm.

r1i@ C)pm

Sat. @ 7 pm & I I pm.

Late lhow S 1.00

S!J.00 Hudenll January

17-10 SJ .oo non-1tudent1

Show one card at the door

.. Back to the rutute ..

Thu11 @ C)pm.

r ti @ 7 pm & I I pm

Sat @ C)pm. Sun @ S pm

linfield Hall Room I ts Info line 99'1-S SI t

onent Resolutions Think back to a life without nicotine © ontinued from a e

short-term boo t in energ) a clarity. And. like a cigarette. saps your energ1 and clar within a few hours.

First , of course, there 's t psychologic al connecti made between the day's fi cup of coffee and puffing the cigarette. Then chere's fact that when you stop sm ing, caffeine le\·els incre dramatically if you keep taking in the same amount caffeine.

Hence, according ro clmi trials research, coffee drink who connnue to dnnk the s amounts of coffee experienc literal "caffeine ro-;icity .. w chey scop smoking T means that you're "wired'' J longer penod of time ,ind more likely to e-;penence somnia. nen·ousness .mJ fr trJtion.

The result for n1.1m q ting smokers: symptoms " just might interprec as t need for ,1 cigarerte

The third f.1ccor ro c stder .1bour cotteL 1~ th•H c feine. rese.irch has ,hO\' tends w btnd niconnL to t bod\ \\'hJt that me.ins w \ ts th<H cr•l\·ings for .1 ng.ue 1ust m.1\ be longer .rnd m• intense. 1 recommend t \ ou cur Jl)\\ n HHtr coffee bet ore ~wpptng >nwking, ~ ling to zero l.t!feine u se le.1sc a \\eek bdore) ou qu

C.101ng b.1ck <' n,tfe month .1fr.:-r \OU quit snwkm ,111 optton .\lo,;r ol llltr cit(

,H Snwking Rde.1sc \sstlCI choose to rem.1in n1n,r111e bcc~tus.:- thl'\ 11l'l!ce ht)\\ m berca thL'\ kd \1 nh<'llt n

It \ ou '\ L nude .1 rc:s<'lu t<' stop smok1n~ 111 1hc ' Yc.u sr.1rt tl1L' prt'Cl''~ <'I u

tmg-thL prep.1r,ltl<'n· · clunn~ t1rsc \\'eek ol the '\ L'\\ \ e .ir. ~

ply reluse w put 11 ott longer Dtl 'om~ rhing. no 1

ter ho\\" brief <'r simplt-. e d.1y that hdps you w pre ~or .1 lite t h.tt i~ l rL'C of wh.1

Cb, r!t .t "I, .ft 1·co 11 found \' 110!.:111 .... R, "a." J\.1.1u1 ' '

L. Q111 1/1., ( '11/ l N \R l Hie hal 1110/11'.1/toll .. f"

c11! tool\, i11dud111.!!, /"ht' Q:lll Qur::. at ,11/ahl, ll'tthoul ch ()I/ 1 / .1 tl'tb

u• u u .:; ,,, o k 111?. R cl 1 t11 e Just click 011 th<' l•olll<', lmk "j1111plc Que.1tio111 to ) "ourself'

A speci,11 Pre Quu Ku 1~ ~ Jrnilable. For inform.rnon • : send a blank e mat! mess.11 ·• mokingrele-JSL>@' ,et.Reponsc "'

~proves illions 1)rMSU· ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (7)

anent January 18, 2002 7 's never too late for 'A Christmas Story '

Bryce Weinert l~xponent Writer

I will honor Chnsonas in my and ti") to keep tt all the year."

io spoke EbenL-ezer crooge. f ( hristmas's most belm·ed

. crooge's transtormation trom ()' curmudgeon to a kmd old

\'ith the ~pim of gi' ing burning soul has inspired the ages \\'ith

· J Chru.tn1as mes..o;age. I \\ant an official Red Ryder,

me action, two-hundred shot modc.:I air rifle! "

'()Spoke Rtlphie, the hcroof"A rmas Ston," embodving the true ing of Chrisonas: Getting sruff. ~phic, like most \Oung bo) er stricken with the burden of

. : has one simple cfre..un. He 1 'r \\'ant fan1e. doe:,n 't seek for­doe:,n 't e-.·en wish "ith ,tl) his for the end to world hLmger. · phie simpl) "ams a chance

m an expensi\'e toy brimming :he potenaal for \iolcnce.

"('hile one may think such a e clrean1 \\'ould hm·c an equall) e end. Ralphie finds himself ed on all sides b) adults claim-knowwhar's best for him. His ts. his reacher. ('\'en rhe grizzled

1L11t 'tore '-anra ( 'laus crush f"-':> \\1th one mi\ers,tl refolin: 'II shl)()t)t'Ure)et111t!" 5ut do1:' Ralpl11e .1n:ept this

threat of self-inflicted blindness as the end of his dream? Of course not! Ralphie just views this barrage of negati\~ty as a challenge and begins in earnest to own a BB gun of his very 0\\11. He asks his father, he asks his mother, he

tence structure. Ralphie can be a role model in o ne of life's last important undertakings: Gee ­ting stuff.

The next tin1e you find your­self in a situation where things are not going your way and you ' re not getting \\'hat you want, take a cue from Ralphie and his high­pitched whining.

For ex­

even writes a lengthy essay in school on the need for such a dan­gerous toj.

A n d through , . a r Lo u s

plots and in­trigues. I a c e d main!} with a great deal of whining, Ralphie e,·entually gets hi

But does Ralphie ac­cept this threat of self­inflicted blindness as the end of his dream? Of course not! Ralphie just views this barrage of negativity as a chal­lenge and begins in earnest to own a BB

ample, per­haps you find yourself be­ing harassed by credit card companies foolishly de­manding you pa) your bills. Credit cards were used to buy Christ­mas presents because you had no avail­able money

hean's de­sire, and

gun of his very own.

opens a package on Christmas morning to re\'eal a Red Ryder BB gun.

Though Christmas is almost a month behind us, \\'e can still learn a lesson from Ralphie. He can be a teacher ro us. a guide on our respecti\'e spirirual 1ourney .. much like <l S\\ amp·d\\'dling Yoda-except \\'ith better sen-

in the first place. Just because the first of the month comes around and Lhe bill becomes due doesn't mean thar you ha,·e monC) now either. But do not fear. jusr follow Ralphie's le-ad.

.. But I don't \\'an-na pa~!" The credit card comp;m\ wtll lx

thrmrn ofibnour jll\ enile rnctics .md lack the kno\\·ledge of hm\ to prop

erly respond. Redouble your whining efforts at this point.

"I don 't like it! ooo! " The credit card company

might attempt to use " reason" against you , arguing that you have new things and now you must pay for them. D o not fall for their tricks.

"You can't make me!" The credit card company

will most likely start bargaining with you, offering you a pay­ment plan or lesser charges if you will pay now. Do not suc­cwnb. This anempt at negotia­tion means you have them run­ning scared. Throw in a few tears and. perhaps. hold your breath until your face turns blue and you \\'ill surely ha\'e the mean old credit card com­pany beat.

Ralphie' whining methods have once again saved the day. And since TBS plays "A Christ­ma tory'' almost continually, 2-l hours a day, from Novem­ber to December, there will be plenty of opportunities to see a ma!>ter at work.

o !er 's all thank Ralphie. for being an inspiration. and for lea\ ing us \\1th some extra cash to go get sruff

That is, after all, rhe true me;m111g of Christn1as.

Catholic Book & Gift Shop-

Rand~ \\ iltl. 0\\ ncr

A wide variety of inspirational books and family gifts.

Tel. 585-07 36

G ui1.ii of St" Pet"ev Complete Auto & Truck

Repair 1-101 I::. :\la111 (406)5l-i6-5.+5 l t-iorv-Frv. Noo-vvt'1.h 5:30

5<XttM~~¥ Noo-vv t'ili 5 :00

Acoustic: Phillips, Grier and Flinner are destined to


©ontinued from page 5 I ten by Grier, is a go rgeou s[) I) rical tune enhanced by Flinne r 's gentle, cross-pick­ing . Phi!Jips ' contribution. " Dozi ng In the Sun Through The Window," was written one summe r afternoon as Phillips was looking out che window at his ga rden . "I like to tide m) music so thar ir ref­e re nces the moment in which it was created," Phillips said. "Each solo took on irs own life with this tune. The track em­bodie so much oi our per on­alities and phi\ ing St) !es th,H ir would be difficult for an) onl.' to recre<lte thar sa1'1e kind of mu,tcal inter,1ction ..

Phillips, Grier and l linner ''ill perlorm fhursd,t). }.111. 2-1, at chc G.111.itin G.1te\\ ,I\

Inn The sho\\ begins .u S p.m. fickcts .ire on sale now .l! C.1cru' Records .rnd ( D \\ .1rehouse 1n Boz1:n1<111, or \ 011 c.1n ch.irge on line at:

"" ".qch: t\\ eb.Lom . Tor morl inl11rm.1t10n <.heck l1Jt thl· \'n111ie \\ eb,itc .it

\'01,lll' l.0111.



917 UIDGEI DlWE 585-5420



10 IJ rt tOUSf 585-8371

OJ) nm llOIH VllLOlllG



Don't let iniuries keep you off

the slopes this winter!

John D . Campbell , M .D . Knee & Shoulder Surgery Fellowship Trained in Sports Medicine

Robert R. Blake, M .D Hand & Shoulder Surgery Fellowship Trained in Hand Surgery

~ .--~~~~~~~-

,_,_- ---Daniel M . Gannon,~teven R. Speth, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery Spinal Surgery Fellowship Trained in Fellowship Trained in Joint Replacement Surgery Spinal Surgery

Jon F.Robinson , M .D . Foot and Ankle Surgery Fellowship Trained in Foot and Ankle Surgery

John A . Vallin . M .D . Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Pain Managment

931 Highland BoL.1evord ~Lite 3210 • Bozeman M~ 59' l 5 (406)587-0122 • Fox (406)587-5548 •Call For an A ointment

~proves illions 1)rMSU· ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (8)

January 18, 2002 ~Ex onent

Grants: MSU research Methane: Residents vote unanimously projects awarded funding against issuing exploratory drilling perm

m • $505.000 for \1 he,u stem J~ menr . an<l the ~<rea tes t concern s tep of Yello\\'srone Nat10

l ontinued from page l S<l \ \ n~ resea rch. Wontinued from page l to the GYC' is th e water that P~rk ... all in all. I Jon 't see i - • $500 .000 for dista n ce m ust be re leased fr om th e thmg good about C.\1D aro1

• $1 mi ll ion fo r the Ln- le.1rninp.10 rura l arc:.1s. µas cout be extracted from re BozemanPasscoalbeds inorder Bozeman Pass" LLtu nted Srew,

1rds h ip project. •$500.000 fo r the :\.nion,d maining coalbcds. to extract the methane g;ts held Local n.:<U estate brokers

• S l mil l io n for regt0il<ll Tcac her En h .rnccmen r N er "Once the drilling srnrb it will there. \X'ater pressure holds rhe echoed residents' concerns .1~ compan ies seeking commer- wnrk beimpossiblerostc>p ... en:n·onein methane underground . and one lowered properr~ \,1lues in eta! uses tor Dt•p.irtmenr 1it •::,500.000fordrinkingw•l· thisroomknows that'sthcrn1th," wdl can releasenearly lS.000 \1aholpossibleJrill1m:durim Delei1'< Technokigi..:s. tcr ;tss1s1.mce. saidS-yearolJ Kecg.mi\,1shan.ac- gallons of \later e;tch Jay. This hearings Broka-; ,t<lLln:ssing

• I million tor the Sus •::--! '5.000 ior Jc1·L·lop111g a cording l0 cl1L Bu::;,'''"', D 11/i \1·atcr olren ha-, <l high sa line commbsion .,.1id thar some l tatn,1blc B..:ef Suppl1 '\t:t brucellos1s1.1cc111c. Ch•on1cl<'. The prc>spcct of cont..:ntrhatcan<lamagcsodsas de.1ls111the&1zt:manPassarLJ \i·ork. • )-152.000 !or\\ hL'<lt pesr ccdbcd methant: dnllmg opern \1ell as \l'<HersheJs .1ln:,1d~ gone b,1d bec;\USL of

• :>I m1llion tor the Center 111.rn,1µ..:mcnt. uons ,1roun<l BozL·man Pass ,m~a "\\'ht:re will this \\'<Her go?" p ro>pecr of C.\ ID there. lor ll1\asi1·e PL1111 .\L1n,1ge- • ' -100.000 for 11i ld lish h;1smU\1·nhstiffoppostt1ontrom wondered host. "\\ 'e are con- Chn '1de reportt:d that coal

h.ibirat 1mpro\ emLnt area residents concerned \\'ith cerm.:d tt will end up m the mcthant: exrr,tcrion in Colo1 •::-400.000 for the \lontan.1 he.11th issues, lrom 11aterconrnmi \cllo\\'stone and Gallatm RJ1·er has reduced 'ome propert) u

ment. • 95Ll.000 for '' hirling

diseas1. rcse;trch. ~ hc1e p T nst i ru te. nation anJ <lir pollution to fire and dr.1inages. and rhar is a problem .. b) 60 percent. a<.:cording to < 400,000 for the Ru mi safet) risk>. frost said that or her concerns estate broker-; m that st;ltL.

n;rnt '\u t rition Consortium. "Givcntht: 1111p,1ctoiwhatwc about Ci\I D in and around the "\ ome bJ1crs 1ftht::) ,, • '-1'>3) .000 for Iced barlc~


Larr~ I..aMun~ an email: ahc!fz a\ icnm.net ~ J7 l.ast M.un • Bo1cm,1n. :\11 5971 :;, • (-Wf )-- 7 '57<1

kno11 .1bout coalbed methane de- Bozeman Pass include poss1bk \\'ell. the~ Jon 't \\'ant to de.ti 1·dopmlnt(C\ lDl.isthistheplace contammation oi fresh \1,11cr th,u proper~ ... R. \\:'ayneJeff for it?" said \lei I'rost of the ayuafin.. as well as the indusmal ;\ Colorado broker, told Greater Yell0w~tone Ct1alition de1·dopmenr accompan) mg mcth Cbri uJ, "The1 ·u go kx>k ·c ((;\0. " l don't think so." List anegasexrrattton. 11h1..reebc. \C<lr rrosr helped W torm the J !uht:rch,1rncttnzeJ the_Tack- J [uber official C.recn .\ l011ntain 1\lli,1ncc. <l st>nCrcckLxplorarorywdlsiteas Zimmcnnan-..11dthatthecorp gr.1ssroots co,tlitton of citizens who .. ,1hout .1s close to <ln mdusrri,tl ,m:a tion "might make,\ dec1s1on oppose l '~ ID in rhe Bozt:man P,1ss as there is" during last week\ hear- its next -.rep in the b.mlc st>1.>c arc<l. ,1frer she ;md othcrl.tckson ings. claiming th;n the co11· pas[Llre .. \\'c ·re <lk1ppo111teJ in Creek area residents b1rned of the1 w,mtcd ro drill in ;tlre,td) hc1s decisi1>n. but \\c're not deteat I luber\ pLms. lntersr,ttc 90. rail lint:' .md .i ~ lon - he s,ti1.l 111 the Cl:-r1 1 ·dt "Ir'i

"\\'e 11-.111tcd ro )!Ct on rop ot t,urn Power n,uur.i1 g.1' lin1: run cun.: (>\er . \\" bd.11.:\ c \\ c h.11 <:' .1 rht: s1tuat11>n ri.:ht ;rn ;\\." said ,1lonp. its bound.1rics. The cl.urn to deYd1'P the mineral' .. I rost ••\\\_, li\L· hLre tor dre\\ derision .md L1uducr twm r11r 111\lrl' inform.lll<lf' ai !11 ,1b1ltr\ . I i-,hing. Lmd,;capt:s ,md the crowd •m1.·ndinp. the ht:arings 1.t'.tllx:d mcth.m1.· extractioP ir a cle.111 1.'11\ 11\>nmcnt. ·· .. fhe are,t is one of the 1nh [-J.,zem.m P:t s,U\.':.l, et1nr. <.1 \tel

l rnsl s.11d th.11 l .\ID doLS rd.ttiwl) inuL!eco-,\stemsldt. ~ .1;rhc G\C.ph1.'ne1"6 l'i<)), < pOSL' '1 thrL,\l lO the el1\ irnn S.lld rwst "\\<.»re,\[ the d\)tlf l<>th, \ <:b,lt gre< •1:1'11.:l!O\l ' [f'!1t

Overcoming The Flu Doesn't Happen

By Accident.

Don't Forget! Don't Forget!!!

Don't Forget!!! Do •t For e t l"

I\ '1<11 1111i'rr- /('< /111 • <1 /l/llt' u11dl'r •/rt' 1u•t 1l1e~ l • l"'rt It If' jor 1011

11.itf '"' "' c1.!t'11t! \\, 'a11 ht'lf' that 1110 I n•111 Iii<' flu, co((/, m11! ,,,,..1h11>111\ to< llt• , 'J'r<1111' und bm(c11 f>at1r " 11 t' rt' )Oltr fl nl c 11111, e Jor lllJI< Ill Clift'.


URGENT CARE /Vo Appmntm.·111 'eedeJ

120 North l9r.h. Bozeman Monday-Frida) 9am-8pm • Sl111n1a, 10atn'6rcn • Sonoa) l0am-5pm • 556-9740

ASMSU lntramurals and Recreation wants to shout out a huge "Happy New Year to you. Now would be a perfect time to take part in our lntramurals fitness areas and activities. During this winter season lntramurals and Recreation is the perfect solution to stay engaged in your winter sports conditioning program, ~eh . ..., ~ stress and any over indulging which might have taken pl c-. I 1l d1t1on to ou1 gym and racquetball facilities you can

ur Jools, weight room, circuit/ cardio room. running and " d well ennis, ping pong and squash courts. You

dvant .!,l of the combative and climbing wall as otfer ee beginning climbing classes as well as

intro to weight room and circuit room classes. For your convenience, class numbers are limited to five. If all else sounds of not your liking , a wide variety of regularly scheduled group fitness class\.s 01 land and in the water are offered each semester. Makes some lime for yourself and make sure to visit us this New Year. As always, you can check out our web site at www.montana.edu/ gym or ca ll 994-5000 for more information about class offerings, memberships or specific building hours. Have a super New Year. We look forward to seeing you. ASMSU lntramurals and Recreation.

Membership Rates and Definitions Pro-Rated Use Fees

Spnng Sem University Pass 1/ 2-10/ 1 s Single $90

Family (1 Locker) S11 O

Family (2 Lockers) !125 (Nole '\II L.u!\e Fae 11y/ Si.lit loc~ersin men's side will be an ad II I '0 00 only J><!nn.mcnt l.1Cuhv slall cmplO) ees ,uc clig1blc 1or 1hesc lude , (There 1s J w.•1t1n~ •st)

University-Related pass Single

Family \1 Locker)

Famtly (2 Lockers)


$t 35

$1 50

Town Pass (limited number no children) Single

Spoust: (add1uonaf lee)

Student Spouse Pass Spouse ·

Pan Time S(udenl Spouse

$260 $210

$20 $75

"Passes expire the end 01 e.ich semester and mus! be renewed JI lhc beginning ol next semester (Note· Student Spouse Lockers Jre av.i1lable IOI rent 1hrough 1he Equ1pmcn1 Room, please askl

Don't forget to complete the Free Application For Student Aid!!!

~proves illions 1)rMSU· ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (9)

9 January 18, 2002

,tobcats sweep Northwest road games itu Athletics . lie &)beats rc.:rumed from a

,um.: road swing through rhe nn~st on a sen:n-game \\'tn­

treak and on top 111 the Big onterencc.

10 Bobcm team has C\ er sraned :g Sky se-Json with three straight


'irhis was an amazing two .," s,tid Durham. "But we hal'e . way co go. This tL'illll is off ro a . tait hL>cause it has played \\'ell fonse. because it ha,, executed "ense, mid because last week it mded well .. lne of Durham's prim<U> mes­a the team pnor to its back-ro­aml:S at Ponhmd State on Fri­nd Eastern \\1ashingron on fa~ w.is that 1r needed ro srep rebowi<ling. • responded in speaacular fash­ur -rebowi<ling PSL 35-ro-26 ·'rem 33-ro-21. The Bobcats 22-ro-6 rebotmding ad,·mirage ··me of rhe L\\'U gmi1e.

at \\"il-' a 1·er;. srrong effon." · m said of his re,m1 's board "The~ r~tlh ru;pondcd ro an

Qhat \\"L nL-eded ro impro,·e in. been .1 characterisric of rhis I SC'Json .. ,

)n rop ot the conterencc.: with a .iguc record. the &1bcars will daho Stare. which topped rhe · Bozetl1'U1 last ~e-ar. and \'\'e-

photo by Jon Bergman

Point guard Jason Erick.~on drive~ past a Utah State pla)'l'r in a !Jome game earl)' last se111ester. Over tile break, tile 'Cats extmded their winning streak to sei1e11 gnme~, which puts them un tup in tile Big Sky Conference with a 3-0 league record.

JL&.-.Lk and Erickson become the 'Odd Couple' of basketball tsu Athletics

son Erickson is norhing X1alrer ,\latrhau. and James ~ \\'ill never remind a per-

1 if Jack Lemon. Yer. \\'hen ee Clark and Erickson to-

1 ~r. you can't help humming Odd Couple" theme. ri ckson and Clark, best ds from disparate back­

ods who have found suc-1' playing in the back court

her. are the odd couple of ta r basketball. And a l-

though no one knO\\'S why Mon­tana Stare gor suddenly hot when rhe two i:noved into rhe starting lineup rogether against powerful Hampton. it's easy to

see that the change brought dra­matic results.

"I'm not really sure why it's been like that," says Erickson, a sophom*ore who was Clark's backup throughout rhe 2000-01 season. "With two point guards, it 's not supposed to work this well. Both of us arc pretty ver­satile. We borh played the one

and the two in high school, so we both have experience at both posirions. \V./e\·e lived together, we kno\\' each orher, we know how the other one plays, we find each orher, and we\ e al\\ ays wanted to play togerher. Tlus is a lot of fun for us, and we're rak­ing advantage of it."

MSU was 4-6 when 12-year h ea d coach Mick Durham, part of a simi lar tandem with Craig Finberg as a Bobcat player in rh e !are ·70,, firsr played Clark and Erickson

side-by-side. ince then, the Bobcars have

not lost, reeling off non-league wins againsr Hampton, San Di­ego and Portland, along with Big Sky road wins over \'('eber Stare, Portland Stare and East­ern Wa hington. The Bobcats now stand at 10-6, 3-0 in con­ference play.

According to C lark . rhe skill set of 1SU's rwo guards causes problems for opposing defenses .

"Ir 's kind of hard for teams

ro march up with u , .. sa) s Clark. "Most two guards Jon 't like to play full -court defense , if their team does pla, fu ll ­courr, so if the point guard is pretty good pressuring the ball, I can bring the ball up."

Even entering the Holiday Stores Classic, the idea of play­ing the rwo point guards to ­gether was nor new to Durham.

"I thought in the off-season there was a chance that we

Ks:5ee Guard page 10

lunning back Johnson earns academic honor ISU Athletics

unior Rvan Johnson. ,\Jon ­ratL 's record- erring run-

back. has been named rhe ·-:on ,\c,1demic All-America

e Year !or Division I foot­thL College , ports Infor­

•on Directors of America •unced in December. \ finali t for th1: Pay ton Tro­given to Division 1-AA's rop ~r. Johnson was also named t Team Academic All­rica for the second consecu­)ear. He is the first Bobcat ~r ro earn Fir r Team honors

twice, and the firsr named as ,\ca dem1c All­America of the Year in an) sport.

The award helps cap a sea son 111 which Johnson rushed for a school record of 1,537 yard . A native of Fort Collins, Colo .. Johnson is a pre-physical therapy major with a 4 .0 grade

Ryan Johnson

poin t :l\ ernge (out of -I OJ.

"It\ ,1 t

mendous hone' just to be mu1-tioned with gm~ of rhar caliber," John son said. "rhe dire players in rhe nation. !r's a tribute to this football p ro­gram, rhe un1-\'ersiry, and the facult y here. This i · a great university."

John son's achieveme nts come as no surprise to Bobcat coach Mike Kramer

"This h a n asround111g honor for Ryan. I le is an exccp­rional individual ''ho has com ­mitted himsel f to excelling in the classroom and on the field," sa id Kramer. "Of all rhe indi ­vidual awards a player can earn. l don ' t think any is as special as this one. To be recognized as the top studenr-a1hlere in all of Di­vision l college football , and ro earn rhis award over a Ileisman Trophy finalist and numerou All-Americas from BCS pro-

grams, is a tremendous tribute to Ryan, to his parents .rnd ro his professors. This is .1 great university, a very difficult and challeng ing one, and R) .111 has not only met the challenge as a s tudenr , bur he's done so while pe rform ing on the football field at an incred ibly high level. Ryan Johnson is what college athlc:r ­ics is all about."

The College Sporrs In for­mation Directors have selected Academic All-Americas since 1952 and have been honoring

Ks:5ee Awards page 11

~proves illions 1)rMSU· ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (10)

January 18 2002 ~Ex anent

Guard: Starting lineup makes the 'Cats a powerhouse © ontinued from page 91 could play chem together a lot. and after about a month of prac­tice. I thought they were our best two guards.,. said Durham. "W/e were still searching for combination . bur T think char rhe idea (of pla) ing Erickson ,ind Clark together) was always there. They just ha\'e great chemistry ...

That chemistry doe n 't manifest itself only on the court.

"(Our backgrounds) are completely opposite, bur we hir ir off from the \'ery beginning when we fir·r met and stepped into th,u dorm room rogerher," said Erickson of Clark. " lt started from there and has con­tinued on. \\'c knew we'd be

good friends. We do all kinds of things rogerher on and off rhe court. and we really enjoy each ocher's company. W!e can ralk about anything off the court, we rrusr each other on rhe floor and off the floor, and \\'e know we're there for each other."

Clark agrees. and says char rhc players· differences (Clark is from inner-Chicago. while Erickson grew up in suburban Anchorage, Alaska) has brought chem together.

··If we were rhe same, we would clash, but since we 're dif­ferent \\'e look ar things in differ­ent ways. Ir's like a relationship; if you and vour girl are coo much alike ir 's nor go mg ro \\·ork."

\\ 'hen rhe t\I o began work­ing the back court together.

Winter Series Rodeo

Erickson was running the show. "When we sta reed the rwo

point guards playing together, Clark was a lictle more offen­si\'e-minded. so we thought , let's put James (Cla rk ) as the two guard on offense and defen­sively we can switch it around," said Durham. "Right now, with ] ason (Erickson) scoring like he is. we'll mix and match during rhe game. have them S'l.\'irch po-irions. which I think put. a

little more pressure on rhe ocher team's defense."

Thar relation hip ha not produced com ent10nal results.

Clark. designated as rhe rwo gua rd , has <l\ eraged 5 .5 <IS·

sises a game in the pre' ious six games. while Lrick on is a\·er­,1ging 16 points a g<1me. six more

Kount::. Eirena 111trod11ces buckmg horses from former ,\1SL1 coc1ch John Lmck. ,dong u·1th Jay Hog.t;t111 '.1 "Red £1·<" Rodeo Compcmy mugb xtod: and Ko1111t::. stock lo paform in the rodeos

E\'ents will include ream roping. calf roping, steer wre cling, b,1rrel racing, goar tying, bronc riding and bull riding. Rodeo clo\\·ns and bullfighters'' ill aL o entertain. The Kountz indoor arena is lornred one mile down tucky Road. off of . 19th.

r\dmi ion i. $5 per person; kid under 10 gee in free. Concessions will be a\·a1lable. The rodeo will begin on f riday. Jan 25 ,ind Sarurd.1), .Jan. 26 at 7 p.m.

Don't miss the remainder of Kountz's \'('inter, eries Rodeos. on fcb. 22-23 and March 22 23. Sign-up deadline for contestant· IS ,\londay,Jan. 21. rces <lre 50.

f'or more information call 5 6- 379.

tha n his season average. " Ir 's kind of weird." Clark says. "I'm playing the rwo guard and my assists have gone up. Most of my assists are coming off of pen­etration, and plu we're making shoes now." Erickson says icu­arions ha,·e dicrared what op· porruniries the rwo ha,·e taken.

"~!y shoe is there, so I'm shoorin · ic." Erickson says. "He's gerring rhe penetration and dropping the dime, so we'll rake char. roo. lr's kind of an odd siruarion. \'('e're maybe rhe only ream m rh e country play­ing rwo point guards rhar are flip-flopped like rhar. But ic's \\Orking. so we're nor going ro change ir."

r\mong the unusual a peer of rhe alliance. Durham said, the

most interesting ma) be rl Clark and Erickson essenru barded for playing rime fr, the beginning of last season.

"Ir's very umque that r guys ar rhe same position t ding for minutes are go friends. There's no selfi hnc the) 're happy for each orl they look our for each od they're trying ro help each orl regardless of the fact rl rhe) 're both point guar Thar's what you want in yi scarring guards."

Durham said rhe abilnv Clark and [nckson ro click posiU\·cl) .utected the entire re

"There's no question that's case. Pia\ ers know wh,u' going they c,m see these things and se when ic' going that well."

RA Positions available! Applicatiom can be obtained by attending one of tfo followi11g information ses ions: ]an . 22 at the SUB Ballroom D, 7-8:30 p.m. Jan . 23 at the Hapner Central Room, 7-8:30 p.m. ]an. 24 at the orth Hedges Solarium, 7-8:30 p.m. For 111ore i11fonnatio11, tnlk to )!Ollr R-l or RD, ask rour hall front desk, or call 99..J-2661

We Can Help

Free Pregnanc) Test '\o \ppninhm'nl 'wt'dt·d

Free Brochures

t n•

11md1u H11111l l\ 1tlr /l,/p ~ Hop• Pregnancy Caring Cen

ter \l,>n-1\l•d ltl-1Thul'10-1



fl 0

again friday JAN 18th

J only $10 more

Bridger Bovvl -1ng League Racing January 4. 11 & 18, 2002

~ r dent • unr:. nd m re m1 fl


~proves illions 1)rMSU· ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (11)

xponent January 18, 2002 11

yer rrns first


ream member as Aca­All-America of che

nee 1987. ddition co being the

obcat player named inic All-America of the

hnson is the first Big nference player hon­and rhe first player Division I-AA school d since 1987. is the firsc non-quar­

..k in the lase chree .nd is che first running

earn the award since Vardell of Stanford

. The list of past win­ludes Drew Brees of , Peycon Manning of ee, and Oregon's Bill \'e

nson takes his dual plishments in the

aic and athletic are-

tr} nor co get O\'er-d by thmgs." he said.

balance che effort I .1 foocball and m} aca­vork. I know the aca­oarr of m} life is im­, because chat's where ue lies." nrnn is the sc\·enth na Stace football o earn firsc or second ::adem1l 1\ll America He 101n, notable ath­

>Uch ,1s Oregon's n Trophv fmalistJoc) gcon ,111J '\ ebraska J TracL \ \X'istrom as

~son is nm\ a finalist 1\cademic All -America ~·car a\\'ard. which is


from chl' Tl'am .\1em­thc Ye.1r honorees

Instant sh Loans

I Lady 'Cat Alvidrez named player of the week KIDsu Athletics

Montana State's Rebecca Ah·idrez was named the Big

k1 Conference Pia) er of the Week afrer turning in one of the finest all-around weekends b} a point-guard in the league. as che Bobcats won a pair of games over Portland tare and Eastern Washington.

The 5-foor- 7 senior led M U in rebounding both

nights, notching a career-high 19 points against EWU and a ca­reer-high 10 as­sists against Port­land State.

The Albuquer­que, ew Mex., native just missed her first career triple-double with 16 points, 10 as- Rebecca Alvidrez

sises and nine re­bounds against the Eagles.

For the week­end, Alvidrez av­eraged 17 .5 points, 9.5 re ­bounds, 7 .5 as­sists, 2.5 steals and one block per game, while shooting 5 6 per­cent from the

field and 87 percent from the free throw line. Alvidrez was also four-of-seven from three­point range.

"Rebecca (Alvidrez) really had an outstanding weekend," said MSU head coach Robin Potera. "As one of our senior leaders, she stepped up her ef­fort last weekend and along with Jessica Blake, really set the tone for how we want to play the rest of the season."

Casey Reynolds earns co-player of the week KIDsu Athletics

Montana Seate center Casey Reynolds has earned Big Sky Conference Co-Player of the Week honors for his effort in leading the Bobcats to road wins over Portland State and Eastern Washington last weekend.

Reynolds, a 6-foot-6 junior from Belfair, Wash., averaged 16.0 points and 6.0 rebounds in


Thin k

Don't wait!

the two games. He was l O-for-14 from the field, 3-for-4 from three-point range, and 9-for-9 from the line.

His 14 points on Friday at Portland were a career high, but Reynolds topped that record the next night with 18 at Eastern. He was instrumental in the Eastern Washington win.

After Eastern had cut a big Bobcat lead to seven points head-

n g ahead.

Submit your resume to Career Services by Tuesday, February 5 to be considered for our on-campus interviews for full-time and internship career opportunities.

Meet Micron! Micron will be on your campus Monday, February 18 and Tuesday, February 19.

Applicable Majors: Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering

Intern Only: Chemical Engineering Chemistry Physics

ing into halftime, Reynolds hit the first two shots of the second half, both three-pointers, to build MSU's lead back to 13. Late in the game, he hit another three that bumped MSU's lead from four to seven. Then, in the last 10 seconds of the game, Reynolds nailed two free throws to seal the win.

"Casey did a great job last weekend," said MSU coach Mick

St a y n g

Please contact Career Services to submit your resume.

Micron offers a generous benefits package including: Employee Stock Purchase Plan • Profit sharing • Paid time-off

Competitive base pay increases • 401(k) with company match

Durham. "He's becoming more consistent all the time, and his intensity and steadiness on both offense and defense has really been a boost for us."

Reynolds and Idaho State's D'Marr Suggs, who shared chis week's honor, square off on Fri­day night at 7 p.m. in Bozeman. MSU and the Bengals are the last two undefeated teams in Big Sky play.

a h e a d .

Micron Tech nology, Inc. 8000 S. Federal Way P.O. Box 6, MS707-818 Boise, Idaho 83707-0006 E-mail: jobs@m icron.com

dW•cron™ The future of memory


www . micron.com/jobs

~proves illions 1)rMSU· ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (12)

12 January 18, 2002 ~Ex anent

Crofts natned finalist for top post in university syste

® ssociated Press

J\1onrana Comm1ss10ner of I l igher Education Richard A. C rofrs has emerged as one 0f three finalists co become chan­cc llo r 0f rhe Uni' crsity of ~Jaine , ysrem.

Crolcs ·111d .J oseph \\'. \\'es r p h ,1 l , a 111 cm be r o f <l \\'a · h111gcon . D.C . Lrn· firm .ind Jd.juncr profe,stH ar GeorgetO\\ n Unin?rsit\. \\'ere chosen airer <l lour month se<trch. ,\third t.111did.1re has been selectL·tl. hut un 1\·en.ll\

offinJls '' tre '' nhl10lding his n.1mc unul LHL'r thi, nwnth

Crt'lb ,,11d Tuesd.1\ he .1greed to .1 reyucsr lrom .1


irienJ \\'Orking for Jn e'(ecu­ti\·e search comp.in) to h,\\'e his name submiued for the 1\L1ine position.

··1 have nor been out look­ing for .1 1ob." he s.1iJ 'Tm h.1ppy here. I'm s;rnsfieJ here. I'm fulfilleJ here. I feel com­fortable \\'Hh ''here I am."

Croft saiJ chis is coo early co rd! \\herher he'' ould rake the ,\Lune 10b 1f It 1s offered. l le'' ill lu\'e <l better idea ,1f ter next \\·eek \\hen he "di spenJ se\'ernl JJ\., 1n \Lune '1s1t111g L1cult\, .,tutk n1.. ,t,1ff tnd 1 ruscees.

.. 1 nu go .1 n d ~ o u 1 i st en • ind \tll k.1rn," he 'J1d. •·!'he\ get .1 Lh.1nce ttl h1ok ,ll lllL' .111d I get .1 d1.111cc w l1>nk .1c them.

It's ju t sort of explora ton. " Bur Crofts ackno'' !edged

interest 1n the position be ­cause of similarities bet\\'een

1ainc Jnd tvlontana. Both are large stares wirh eco n omic troubles and poor!) funJed uni\'erslt} sy terns. he sJi<l.

The L11ne sys t e m has se,·en four-year campuses'' ith t\\'O n1<1jor uni\ ers1ties and to­r al enr0llmenr of about 30.000 \lontana ha. ;-;1x cam pu , es \\1th rwo uni,·er-,1ries ,111d 3'5.000 srudenrs

This is rhe second t1me Crofts h.1s been 111 the runn1n11 for .11wther sr.ue\ top higher cduc;llion t>llice .

ln DL"Lembcr 1999. t'wtrs '' ,1, 11n1.: ol lour f111,1lisb tt> he

the chancellor in Tennessee. The pres1d!!nt of .Ca r Tennes­see rare Univer icy \\'as hired the fo llow111g month.

i\.la111e is looking for some­one to replace Terry :-..lJcTaggart. ''ho resigned lase summer.

The ne\\ chancellor· •In

nua l salary h,1s nor been deter m111ed \lacTaggarr was paid

155.02 Crofts m,1kes '138.9-tS annu.llh in his cur· rent Job

The search commirree pl.ins co seek comml!nr and hold a fi n,1] meeting L<trly ne:-;r monrh. said l.tmL·, \lullc:n. cha1rm,m of the l \\\ h\),trd t'f trustees and scarth commitctL'

(:wt ls 'Cf\ L d .1' \ \t,nt.tn,1 \

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Phones • Service .Accessories

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• One year contract and CDMA phone required •

1100 W. College Street (Next to Kinko's) Phone: 587-5257

Cell: 581-1758

The ASMSU Bicycle & Ski Workshop, which is located in the SOB Barn. provides the opportunity for MSU ~tudents, faculty/staff and affiliates to perform maintenance and repairs on personal equipment. Hourly rates include use of work areas, tools, & basic supplies/materials A shop attendant is available to offer advice & assis­tance. A limited supply of parts is stocked for resale, inquire for additional details.

HOURS Monday - Friday: 3:00 - 6:00 Saturday & Sunday: closed

(hours may vary during holidays, exam week and semester breaks)

RATES Students: $2.00/hr. ($.50 minimum charge) Faculty/Staff: $3.00/hr. ($ .75 minimum charge)



WORKSHOP Phone: 994-1908

1.) Work areas are available for use on a "first come/first served" basis 2 .) An MSU ID validated for the current semester must be presented upon entry. The

ID will be retamed until all tools have been returned, work area has been cleaned and payment has been received

3.) Rates are based on period of use beginning when the ID is presented and ending upon completion of check-out procedures.

4.) Charges for equipment which 1s left 1n the shop overnight will contmue to accumulate from time of openmg the following day.

5.) Patrons are responsible for repair/replacement cost of tools and equipment which are damaged.

6.) Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. 7.) The ASMSU Bicycle & Ski Repair Shop assumes no responsibility for damage or

theft of personal equipment.

deput) comm1ss1one r for demic affairs before he named co his curren t p 1996. He pre\ 10usly serve assistant co the chJncellor graduate educJtion in :.!innesotJ tJte Uni\'er

ysrem and \ 11.:c preside academic afL11rs a t :-.Ian

rnre Uni' crsll\ \'X'esrphJl. who was ac

secretan of the r\ rnl\ la-q sen·ed from 199 co 200 a'si rant r\rnl\ secrer,uv u: Cl\ ii work: di, bio n. h<:,1dcd rhe pt,litic,i! cic dcpnrmcnt .It Okl.1h

r.ne Uni\ er'1!\ he fore b n,1mcd .ts .1 'e1111H polt 'iser in the l n' iron e ProteL uon \gl nC\

Tex: The icon oft Haufbra1 at your very fingertip: © ontinued from pasi

proent rdt.l'L .. \s I p ·t>g ·L's":d m th1~

l goc b1.:!lL"r ,1 t' ,,11d rn:t,rdinµ pwct'"· T 1cker 11 ne\\ ,,mµs <) lt IU't 1

1rack.1. ,md ,>ne ol 111s Joh ~ rer B.md tune' ... !'he Thm ' .1bt1 mclu,k"I on che r It

Tucker ,,11,l th.tt he h:i IL 1 "Ill plu, .1dt1.1i tuner s1>n~~ .... md bit' ,m,l p1e-­hundr1:Lls more, dunn!! hts f'hese 1nclud<." "Ther

Drc.:.1111 ... " \ he '\t>\t:r l te

~t,mL '' hert n ·1 t'x.1,. re1 b, loc.11 t.1n>ritc \ lt>ntJnJ

Spt>.1k111g ol !'ex.is. 1

s,ud h1.: got rht n,1mc "Te· result of lor;t\ ~ 111!0 count

sic perlorm.111ce~ '' hL'n rh Cl11rcr B.111d ".ts not t'n ch

" \\ t m•re TL"x .md the

lid! R.1mbler' T,, 1sred T\\ .mgLrs Deale rumc:s ... he s.11d .• th,I! l \\\IS Tl'x Jr .. stltl t11 ,1 \I .tshcd-up coun!f\ singer h ''50s. pt>pped up fhe scene'' ,1s ,1 \\hok· d1fleren

'' .1x .. md '' L' liked I! ·· ll1e r prlWC that Tul·ker ,ul! h.~ lor COUll[I'\ 111llSIL \\' l!h

Blue" .111d "Br.md '\t'\\ P.1 TuckLr c.111 Ix h1.:.ml

en Tuesd.l\. \\'edno<l Thursd.t\ .It the I l.1ut11r.1u Be /U't'<' 1 •he fr ·~ 1 ,.m

purch,1sed fhl· ( D 1s .11: .1blt' .tt Cau us Rl'n1rds in

to\\ n Bozem.m \\ 'hethc1 I an old lex fan t>r .1 nc\I' I this CD will pie.1st'~ 1>ur <

~proves illions 1)rMSU· ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (13)

Exponent January 18, 2002 13 m : Professor's piece Budget director warns education

"screen at Slamdance leaders of scarce funding in 2003 htinued from page l

ars ago when she joined lry at i\ISU and became d by trains and rractor­rucks in conrext with the

1 landscape. 1ose machines 6t differently han in ocher places).~ II juxraposes images of rains and semi-truck with es of non-human forms

n in the West, including cartle. sheep and grasses. !well collecred her inrnges

mour Wyoming and Mon­r the last two years using

r 8 camera. She worked ound designer David -, a fello\1 MSU film pro-

n rhe sound for the film ") months. She says she

.-nat she and Koester would .cl collaborators after he I~ remembered hearing

Bach in the sound of a chainsaw when he was kid.

Stillwell said she submitted the film to both Park City fesri­vals, but suspected ir might be a better fit with Slamdance, which usually has more of an alternative tone than Sundance.

Several films that have won awards ar Slarndance have gone on to national acclaim, including "Memenw" and " Monster's Ball." Last year the winning short in tillwell 's category, was "Bean Cake," also a winner at Cannes Film Festival.

"TheF.irsr tory" will screen at Slam dance at 10 a.m. Jan. 13 and 3 p.m. Jan. 16 at the Silvermine on the outskirts of Park City. Stillwell's film will be shown both times in combination with another short and a fearure film and it will be eli­gible for a Slamdance award, cash or other prizes.

"Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool:'

OFFICE Of EXTENDED STUDIES offers he following Academic Credit Courses

for Spring Semester 2002

Open to born MSU and non·MSU students Reg:stration through Extended Studies only

ierbal Medicine Laboratory. Making Herbal Products nDHL 280·01 & HDHL 280·02, I er. S115 plus S[O lab ee/te lbook charge, both sections meet Fn., 1/1a, l pm then Sat. labs meet 1/i9-'!:/2. 8am-12pm <Sec 01l OR sprn <.Sec 02> Prerequ1s1te HDHL zao Herbal ited1cine ~ 111 be offered through Extended Studies Fa.I i>emes1er 2002> fogaJ ~011on Flow iHD 00-01 1 c~. ~100. TR c1 .;o-1oam, free ,ntro cla!>S la 24 a :,o 1oam. Romney G:!m oga \~oh on Slo oc and Easy

i f-ID oo 02. 1 er, s.oo, TR 12 1pm. free intro class Jan 4, 2-1p'll, Johnstone Academic Center )CUBA Class iHD 100 o:,. 1 er, S:,95 ree includes credit. books and Jse of equipment. meets one eve h1ee · for 5 weeks fBA. 6 1opm, plus 2 open water sessions TBA. 5 1rs /session. 11s1t table in SUB for more information contact Extended Studies for dates and limes> =hph1 Ground School

212 01. z er. s200. fv\ 6 .;0-9 oopm: starts Jan 2a

holographic Xlorkshop Camera Concepts and Use \.\TA 2ao·o1, 2 er. S250, R 6 9pm: starts Jan 24

For More li1format1on Contact OFFICE OF EXTENDED STUDIES


® ssociated p~~~ Anez

Schools, the university systems and the rest of government should brace themselves for the prospect of gerting little increased funding in the governor's next budget, an administration official warned the stare Board of Education on Wednesday.

best for all of education. " The knowledge and wisdom of

board members_ who make up the Board of Regents and the Board of Public Education_ should be used to help hinl and governor make the tough decisions on how to use any additional money in education, Swysgood said.

Martz, who is board chair­woman, said the board should share responsibility for what ends

Money will be so scarce for the 2003 Legis­la r ure that all state agencies are being rold

"We need to know what's best for all education:'

nor to expect funding for any new or ex-panded programs, said Chuck Swysgood, budget director for Gov. Judy Martz.

He urged board members to agree on priorities for overall education funding, raking into account the needs of both pub­lic schools and higher education in a single budget request.

"I;'s your responsibility to

give us some help in doing this," Swysgood said, noting the consti­tution requires the board ro de­velop a unified budget for edu­cation for each rwo-year budget period. "We need to know what's

* Sign-up

- Chuck Swysgood Budget Director

up to be the proposed budget for educat ion. "The governor rakes all the hear for what happens with education funding and that's nor right," she said.

Kirk Miller, board member an d Havre superin tendent of schools, said finding agreement on overall spending priorities is difficult. Regenrs feel a duty to advocate the interests of higher education and Board of P ublic Education members have alle­giance to elemenrary and high schools, be said.

"The political ramifications

~ CD CD ·-

January 22-24 in 202 Shroyer Competition starts

~ CD CD ·-~ CD CD ·-

& PM January 28 in SUB Rec. Center

*Bring one canned food llem lor the Gallatin Valley Food Bank


• Determine in advance not to exceed a certain number of dnnks

• Choose not to drink alcohol

• Use a Designated Driver

•Eat before and/or dunng drinkrng

• Have a friend let them know when they have had enough

•Pace their dnnks to one an hour

• Keep track of how many drinks they have had

•Avoid dnnking games

· Drink an AICOhol look-ahke (e .g , non-alcoholic beer)

dictate we have to promote cer­tain funding" for their respec­tive constituents, Miller said.

Regardless of the what bud­get work the board does, money will be hard ro find when law­makers next convene a year from now, Swysgood said.

While the stare ended the last budget year with a $173 million surplus, a third of char will be used up because the last Legislarure spent $57 million mo re rhan what the state ex­pects in revenue over the next 18 months, he said.

About $50 million is off­limits because it comes from one- rime sources and cannot be used for ongoing government programs, and another $50 mil­lion is needed w just cover growing costs of current pro­grams, Swysgood said.

Of the remaining $16 million. about $10 million is needed to pay costs of last summer's fires and in­creased state security following the

epr. 11 terrorist attacks, he said. Economic growth is expected

to be slow, bur could provide up to an additional $54 million, ac­cording to Swysgood. Possible floods or fires this year, and a ris­ing number of welfare and Med­icaid cases could cur into that pot of money, he said.

~proves illions 1)rMSU· ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (14)

14 January 18, 2002 ~Ex onent

Vpcoming Events January





MSU Men's Basketball

Jan. 18 (FRI)



MSU Men's Basketball



Jan. 19 (SAT)

21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


22 23

29 Jan 21. (MON)

SU Men's Basketball vs. Idaho State Univerity MSU Men's Basketball vs.Weber State Univer ity Martin Luther King, Jr. Day No Classes; Offices Closed Brick Breeden Fieldhou e 7 pm. Call 99.+-2287 Brick Breeden Fieldhou e 7 pm. Call 994-2287

RE:\ f.\.L POLICIFS & PROCEDl RES: •\ISL qudem. fa1..ul1~ '«1fl ,111d unt\er tl~ alliltJle', tL cli~il.1lc to rl'nt equ pnlL L \11 \l~L ID 1, required for \Crifie,llllln. Per l 1 IM\ mg p.ud the \S\J<;l ..\cth it) J·cc lor the cum:nt 'cmc,tc:r ''ill qu,1lt ~ lor the ,tudcnt r,lll. an JdJi1111n.1I we, \\ tll be d1,1rg.c:d Lo l)tha p.1twn' •Rc-,c:natiun.., .trl' ,H:ccptcd bc:g.111ning. :\h1nda~ fllr till' currcm \\Cd, \lini­mum rental pcril1d ft1r rc ... c:n atitllh j, I da~. A non-refundable deposit cqut\ ,1lent to I da~ rental charge for e.ll'h ill'm i-, required tn 'ccure a rc:,cr­"H1on. pa~ ment for the balance tlf rcnt.11 charg.c-, l '- due up0n "'u.111ce of equipment rull credit (t1ll ca'h refund' l for depo,1i... '' tll nt.' granted for re,en atinrh '' h1d1 arc canceled at lea'-! 2.+ lwur... prn1r Ltl the bcg111111ng t)f

the Jc-;ig.natcd 1cntal period. ca1H.:cl1,11iorh of le" than 24 hour" 1wticc '' tll forfeit the rc-..cn .11ion Jcpo..,it. •\!though rc-,cnation' arc cncourageJ ... ,,aJk-in" rcntab Mc al'o \\ckomcd.

RE'\T \L Pl:,RIODS: H \ LF D \ \ : 12:00 - 5:00 0\ F R'\ IG llT: -kOO p.m. - I :00 p.m. (folltrn ing da~ l DAIL'\ : 9:00 - lO:OO, 12:00 - I :00 or 4 :00 - 5 :00 !folio'' ing da ) l


--- 112 D ) l DA) 2-3 DA) ___ , ()() 2.00 ..l ()()

------1.50 3.0Q 6.00 - -- ---- 2.50 5.00 I 1.00

6 25 12. -o 25.00 . ca m er. 1101.uion) I 0.00 2 ) 00 40 . )(

. -o 1.00 ') 00 1.25 2 5) 5 00 .]5 l. -o .00

~---- 1.50 3.00 6.00 ___ •_1114uitc for price *

----~-,50 1.00 --- ----------2.00 .i.oo

~ ~o i: .oo \ 2 -u

I 25 2 :'iO 50 1.00

() 00 \ ..l5.00 ·\ .., :'iO \ 15 00

I( 2 { } ~O I 00

BIC YC LE&: S KI \\ O RKSHO P Phone 994- 1908 \ n aucndant 1' a'"11lable for "''1.,1ann:

I lour' of opcrauon .trc Mon. - f n from .lOO - 6:00. L -.er fee' arc S'.!.00.hr. for ru ll umc ' lutlcnh anti ~3/hr tor other l\ ISl afti lt.11c ..

'.'>\t:,l\.~l '\ .,,\""t....,_,""",_"',,l\."-' 1.!. B\(0'\ Rl'\DtREf h.'.'>'\O\\ i \\IPl'.'. G. \lctcal[_\\ ild rn , C ,,, '.'it \l~L n1 '\ , "t ""O "'n.: t ..., i.'i..: =- l ~ 21 ... .;::; '0 e OR<.

._, \I., \PR. 6 ... i \'\QF~ \'\I!_ h. \\ \ h. I Ol R. f.H (.,all;• tin l'ltrl-C t\'I \1\l ..,, -1 '

~\l.\PR.111 ... \1.\[)[~ )'\Rl\~RR\lfl'.\ , \\1nll .._ r i , , _Blacl- ', For'(l l<"t '\tMl \ISL 1 , l~ ~._ • ~

\l~l nr" ' h .J 2.J L\\'l ,!.!1.'lh.'lo111\ ltldlh.I~' tr:m'P''r1.llh.l0, ~f\'Ur 1,.'~u1pml"nt nDIJ QI}:..U 4-dtull~ "',,, .... '"., p lh. r.u ' "C' n.:'p f1npcr,on.d;car: 1t1t'a1'.1..ktithmg md\,thc.:rmJ1,1dualnc..·t.'\J, E~ ... htnph .. nummum ndm.:\.1mum 11 ' 0Ulll1~' Jrc l('t.'fl h' \l~l ,lUJi'nh I., ufl) ,(Jff .mJ t.:uml11..' ltUl '"and rubli..: lllJ\ f,;..l part' (! k OD l h l'i' P \ 11. "'f,.n ' c.:4l• X1..! J ' the tlml llf re~1,lrat1rin Unk" an\ nrelunJ.ahk :Jcpu' l l'- d1 ... ah.--d

\l \I \ '-.CHE SE'.\ ll '-1 \ R Ji..lS l( 1.in 10 ,\. JJn 11 '"" ~ 00 •> 10 pm in \ISL q B h·h 2 fn't'l ll 10 :im s,\\\ I ( 'llUl'l.' l'llOh."lll 111 ... JuJc, h.11.ird r\•1,.1,,lg_llllh.lO. TllUk' 'ckdU'll funJ.im("ntal '"\l\\l'.11.. ..... 11\'' t\.. n:,1...u1..· prt.x:i:durc-' C\"-t ''."' i • .' l.1"1ll\'l11 I" lidJ '"l'"ll'll (J1..hanc..·1..· rt.'"gl'-lr.llH'n rl•4u1n·J fr1r tic.:.· d ' (lJll\)

\[)\ \'\ I J.) ld'1.t, ,\. -iwm 00 •> •O('m 1\L L \l B !di lltromll·101m ~ ;opm 18

B\.l\\ ( ,,1 r'c.. n\ml;'"nt rn ... luJc..•, rc-,1.:" l'I h.1,1c.. 1n.1'r il ... ·turl" m\.·\,.h~m1 ....... ph,,1 ... al ,,,, d tllf. ' '

.t1T1..•1..:t •tg t1tc..• '"l'"l'·h .. k. .... ,mtmu .. ,t1nn ,,1 h.11.ud ~\..llu:u1on. m Jcrth ,t.•.1r ... h .. mJ r1..·, .. l prcxcJu.rt, \J\.lll1..c I 1.."'~ ... 1 • .i11"• ., c-... ornni...n\.kd ""'' p.uth.:tp~twn 'l111111eJ C'"' \ \\hl '\'\ \lSl '41l l'utilt, .l' ltnulcd putilt, '"~''tr.Jl«'n thru I 2'

h n \ hl'\G Pool Hl Gl'\'\l'\ • r., \)_ \r.,l\;{._L Jn,1n1.twr

''""''10 J

'01\ lhr 'C" l #

u. n .in1..l I .. , ~t, c' to~ ln1rc•Ju,,11lll ol c'"·nt1JI '~'II' dudm • ho.'!lt .. ,ntml rc.idm~ \\.tkr .1 .1 d J,n11 ' 11

Pr.1l lllC' llf \.·dlh Him rx-1..·I ol.h krr' an .... mc.:1 olht"'r ml.,, me" ,ltc.:r l\·l.·hm"-lu ' l'rt.: rc.:q 1 '1fl

Bi:g111nin~ ~.,~.,~111~ ,,, 1ht11h.h'r' ·'l'l'''''·li t '"' \S \lSl \Nl \tSl ' 'l'uhli. ''I'\ \l'il I' 1'llll\ thru .i ' "OP!'\ B0.\11'\\J lh r,,Ja, "''nm, " '30 ')'Op n \l\l l'kCl'0<'l ;.i '; f Rf 'I"' "'«'ll Ii\ \\ \1\l lnrr.unuraJ, md R,-. ('('.1tion

UI·,{; l '\'\I'\<; 11 ·~"' , n d 1>.;c, ~, hmomg 1-. hm~u,, \r ,. t I 1

• M I n i\l m 1l \ t., m l unt'im( Rr1'. m \pnl

c. ,, \S\t\l '' \l\l '•Oll'uoli. ~o 1\1 \l l'n11111' 1hru .i lJ 1 l'\T1~'R\1FD l \ TF:tl•nt1nu.ith11nf ... l. lllk'd''l"'m~·nt prt·' 1111111it •rn:--....'Uc-,i.. 1 ... 1J.tJJ.iu

r '1\1..'\. r"' \p ""' ,, "'UU aJ "''at Pnt ... thi.: R1.. I..

l '"' '""l "\l'l "\ l'uhh. \h

FQl !P\IF '\ rS \I F : S \ T.. \ pril IJ . ... o n R \ R'\ 12.!Xl- 1 :00 \1Sl tltll~. 1.00 -I 00 \ ISl ,\. putiltr • tl'nt-. 'kt•ptng ti.1!!'· Ill< '"'t' 1

m1''- 1tc,:m~


Contact \ 'i'.\ !S l O utdoo r Rene:i tion tll 99.!-Jll:! I fo r \ dditional lnfor m;1tiun

~proves illions 1)rMSU· ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (15)


AT H C R E H 0 R

January 18, 2002 15 Crossword 101

Starry Eyed By Ed Canty 2 3 4 s 1 a e tt 12 13

Across l Revolutionary sewer 5 Black and white bear

10 Curves 14 Not in favor of 15 Not silently 16 Henbouse 17 Put into the computer 18 Colorful drununer 20 For each 21 Quarry 22 Little finger 23 Stage of development 25 Venetian traveler 27 A small quantity 29 Clinton's former home 33 Part of a political platform 34 Separate 3 5 Internet address 36 Beams 37 Rangoon locale 38 Fencing sword 39 Diamonds:Slang 40 Disturbances










6 Type of skirt 7 Not a soul 8 Seized the meaning 9 Fuss

41 Greek island l 0 "Lights, camera" follower 42 "Crazy For You" composer 11 Horse of a different color 44 Red wine 12 Waterford neighbor 45 Misplaced 13 Nimble 46 Kings' battleground 19 Sound 4 7 Hot cars 21 Mardi Gras garb 50 Broadway feature 51 Journalist Koppel 54 Military decoration 57 Ancient Irish town 58 Leg hinge 59 Delete 60Dry 61 Oceans 62 Discharges 63 Utilizes

Down 1 Coarse file 2 Formerly 3 Popular quarterback 4 Wrongdoing 5 Church community

24 Christian Andersen 25 London carriages 26 Gumbo ingredient 27 Small branch 28 Site 29 Childs' wear? 30 Champions 31 Sharp narrow ridge 32 Winter word 34 CPA's scrutiny 37 Christmas package add ons 38 Time periods 40 Not these 41 Ball of yam 43 Works very hard 44 Jobs

46 Pursue 47 Inquires 48 Follows subway or

telephone 49 Rover·s plague 50 Oscar winner 52 Pennsylvania's lake 53 Pops 55 Basketball official 56 Lanka 5 7 Greek letter

Quotable Ouote

A man gazing on the stars is proverbially at the mercy of the puddles in the road.

• • • Alexander Smith

By GFR.Associates • PO Box 461Schenectady,NY12309 •Visit our web site at www.gfrpuzzles.com

ass11e (406) 994-2933 Busine Manager Margaret Eitel

(406) 994-2206 Sale Manager Matt Dalbey

(406) 994-2432 Clas ified Sale. Manager Marlena Ga per (406) 994-4590 Graphic Designer (406) 994-2253 FAX


ad" ) our resume. Re-! "Fortune 500" leader-training and feedback.

m mane) for school. tend ARMY ROTC's 3.ders Training Course ·summer. Call Captain :::usker at 994-54 76.

)Id Bo7e!Tian BEADS!'"

!at election. Prices. Help Sou,·enirs. Toe Rings ...

321 E. Main/Rouse 1- 5:30 Mon - Sat (SUN)


Fraternities •Sororities

•Clubs •Student Groups

Earn $ 1000-$2000 this seme tcr with the easy campusf undraiser.com three hour f undraising

event. Does not involve credit card applications.

Fundrai ing dates are filling quickly. o call

today! Contact campusf undraise r.com at

(888) 923-3238. or' isit www.campu fundraiser.com


CLASSIFIEDS To Advertise in

these spots please contact

Marlena Gasper at 994-2253

The ASMSU Exponent is now hiring writers for the following sections:

ews 994-2551 Feature 994-3840.

Sport 994-2233 and Opinion. 994-5482.

The ASMSU Exponent is now hiring adverti -ing sales representa­

tives. For more informa­tion please cal 1



MSU ROTC would like to welcome all new

Freshmen. Con iderin g ROTC?? Come by and

check out the program at room 21 1. Hamilton Hall or Call Captain Sean Cusker at 994-


Welcome Back! We hope everyone had a . afc and happ) holiday. Bridger clinic offer reproduc-

ti\ e health care and education for both men and women on a s liding

sca le fee. Ca ll 587-0681




Welcome to Weight Watchers Friday at

12 noon. Chri . tus Collegium

Building, Luther Fireside Room . E\eryone Welcome!!





~proves illions 1)rMSU· ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (16)

Hssociated Students of montana State Uniuersity

nsmsu mission making a Diff ere ASMSU is committed to providing affordable and diverse support services, entertainment, as well as a recreational and educational opportunity to the students of Montana St

University. We are committed to providing quality services in a cost effective manner through responsible financial management. • We are committed to remaining responsive to evolving needs and interests of Montana State University. • We are committed to providing employees. staff, and volunteers with a positive work environment which facilitates

personal and professional growth. • ASMSU will conscientiously represent Montana State University students to the entire University and the surrounding communities.

ASMSU Intramural 8 Racraalion 994.aNJO

* :7 CD CD ·-:7 CD CD ·-:7 CD CD ·-

• Cribbage Tourney Sign-up January 22-24 in 202 Shroyer Competition starts 6 PM January 28 in SUB Rec. Center

*Bring one canned food Item for the &allatin Valley Food Bank

Martin Luther King Day Holiday hours for Romney Gym & Marga Hosaeus P.E. Complex

Monday, January 21, 2002 Building Hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Pool Hours: 11 :00 am - 1 pm (lap) 1 :00 - 3:00 pm (Open) Weight/ Circuit Room Hours: 100:00 am - 6:00 pm Climbing Room Hours: 2:30 - 5:30 pm ntramural office will be closed

· oy your holiday weekend! For ore information call 994-5

There 1s an attorney available to s student who have paid th studer activity fee. To make an appointmen1 pay $5 at the ASK-US desk and bring the receipt and your One Card to the ASMSU office, sub room 281.

• -

three point shootou


. s19n-up

inaepenaant men, women & greek

january 16-18 in 202 shroyer

competition starts wed.january 23

north gym @ 6 pm

this is a single night event!

for more information call: asmsu intramurals @ 994-~

~proves illions 1)rMSU · ~proves illions 1)rMSU ,search Pat Hill a - [PDF Document] (2024)
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