MACK -:Sunday Morning Observations (2024)

MACK -:Sunday Morning Observations (1)

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The observations in these Tuesday and Sunday reports have featured a centralized subject. Simply because I don’t have one in mind this week, I’m going to write about a number of things this Sunday morning.

(FIRST OF ALL - feel free to send me any questions you would like me to address in future posts by leaving them in the comments section of this post, or by emailing me at

First of all, let’s talk Mike Brosseau

Brosseau started this season going 3-28 for the Royals AAA franchise. He was released and the Mets picked up the 30 year old utility infielder (third, second, and first base)and assigned him to Syracuse, where he continued his tepid results, producing only one hit in his first 18 Cuse at-bats.

However… in the next 25 games, he has produced a .404-BA, 7-HR, and a 1.193-OPS.

Brosseau became ARB eligible this season and will be a free agent in 2027. He will never win a Gold Glove but he is competent at all three infield positions that he plays.

He has a career MLB 3.1-WAR with a .242-BA.

For these reasons alone, you have to consider Brosseau a candidate for the 2025 UT-IF position.

The future of Mets catching is fluid.

I’m not talking Francisco Alvarezhere. I’m talking AAIHA (after Alvarez is hurt again).

The Mets have made a serious commitment to International catching prospects over the past seasons, signing Yovanny Rodriguez($2.85mil signing bonus), Ronald Hernandez(David Robertson to Marlins trade), Daiverson Gutierrez($1.9mil), and Julio Zayas, but it has been the surprising play by unheralded 20-year old Christopher Suerothat has caught the eye of Mets insiders. Suarez has quietly put up a decent season this year for, first, St. Lucie, and now, Brooklyn.

Not mentioned here is Kevin Parada. Simply put, he can’t seem to stay healthy and, when he is, he is basically nonproductive.

They designated the elephant on Tuesday so the Tomas Nido-Luis Torrensdrama has comes to an end.

All the International catchers mentioned here are at least three years away, so the key would be finding someone sound and talented enough to spell Alvarez the next two seasons.

Lastly… about prospect pitchers.

You may have noticed recently that the majority of the Mets top prospect starters seem to have gone on a strike lately. I can tell you, after doing this for 20 years, this sh*te happens.

There are a lot of weather related issues. first, adjusting to cold, and now adjusting to humidity and heat.

Then, there is affiliate changes, facing new opponent players more talented than the level they came from… and new strike zones, different umps, and even different baseballs. Lastly,, they are instucted to throw more under-developed pitches so their game grows.

The important thing GOING FORWARD RIGHT NOW is that the Mets have two starters, at the two top levels (Christian Scottand Brandon Sproat) dominating at their levels. Scott will be in the Mets rotation next spring. Sproat, at the latest, the following spring. That’s a very good growth pattern. Adding one dominating starter a season from your chain is something any team would be proud to have.

Roster Moves -

Mets -

C Francisco Alvarezis back from the IL

C Tomas NidoDFA’d

RP Jorge Lopezsigns with Cubs

CL Edwin Diaz was activated

Cuse -

OF Carlos Cortesplaced on Development List

IF Brett Batyoptioned from New York and activated today

C Austin Allenactivated off Injured List

OF Ben Gamelactivated off Injured List

RP Danny Youngoptioned from Mets

Bing -

C Matt O'Neilltransferred from AAA to AA Binghamton

Then placed on 7-day IL

C Andriel Lantiguatransferred from FCL to AA - Binghamton

Lucy -

C Jose Hernandeztransferred from AA to A St. Lucie


Layonel Ovalleshas been transferred from St. Lucie

RHP Anthony Nunezsigned

Prospect Rating

OF Alex Ramirezfrom RED toBLUE

Brooklyn Cyclones@BKCyclones

Nick Lorussoand Junior Tilien both rank in the Top 10 in the South Atlantic League in home batting average.

Lorusso is batting .346 (27-78), and Junior Tilien has a .329 (28-85) average in Coney Island.

We'd definitely call that Efficient at Home

Florida Complex League Mets@FCLMets

We’ve signed RHP Anthony Nuñezto a Minor League contract and assigned him to the Complex.

Anthony recently won the DII College World Series with @UT_Baseball and previously spent 3 seasons in the Padres organization.

Mike Mayer@mikemayer22

Nuñez was drafted in 2019. Played a couple of years in minors as position player before being released. Went to college and won a title. This year as two-way player: .818 OPS and 15.4 K/9.

Baseball Prospectus@baseballpro

Danny Youngof the Mets shined last night needing just 15 pitches (10 strikes) in a perfect inning of work. His sweeper covered over 23" of horizontal break and had an IVB of -4.9" making it our Pitch of the Day for June 11th

Evan Stockton@evstockton

Christian Scottcontinues to utterly dominate the strike zone every time he takes the mound.

46 of the 60 pitches he threw today were strikes...and he racked up six more strikeouts in 3.2 innings.

Another successful Triple-A cameo for the top @Mets pitching prospect!

Mike Mayer@mikemayer22

Strikeout-to-walk % by MLB relievers this year:

42.2% Mason Miller

38.9% Dedniel Núñez

35.0% Matt Strahm

33.7% Jeremiah Estrada

Ryan Cliffordjoins Jackson Holliday as the first minor leaguers in 2024 to hit the 50-walk plateau. Clifford has a 1.104 OPS over his last 12 games for Double-A Binghamton. Clifford had 17 (out of 25) multi-K games in May, he doesn't have any (out of 8) so far in June.


Colin Houck’s line from St Lucie’s game against Jupiter today:

2-for-5, 2 R, HR (2), 2B, 3 RBI, K

The 2023 first rounder has a .273 average and 1.003 OPS in June

SNY Mets@SNY_Mets

Mark Vientoshas the third-highest OPS in the NL this season among hitters with at least 75 at-bats

Who will the Mets take with the 19th pick in the 2024 MLB Draft? Joe DeMayo selectsVance Honeycutt, OF, North Carolina in his first mock draft: "Just over a month out from the draft, I have heard the Mets mostly connected to college bats. I do not envision a high school bat

Mike Puma@NYPost_Mets

As Mets near decision between Luis Torrensand Tomas Nido- and the fact Nido didn't start a game in London was telling - it should be noted that Nido if DFA'd now has enough service time that he can refuse an outright to AAA and become a free agent w/o forfeiting his salary.


Codify @CodifyBaseball

Since April 24, no MLB team has scored fewer runs than the Atlanta Braves.

MACK -:Sunday Morning Observations (2024)
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