How to Play Demon Fall (2024)


  • 1 Basics
    • 1.1 CONTROLS:
    • 1.2 FAMILY CLANS:
    • 1.3 RACE FACTIONS:
    • 1.4 Slayers
    • 1.5 Demons
    • 1.6 Hybrids
  • 2 Tutorial
    • 2.1 Slayer
    • 2.2 Demon
  • 3 Levels and Prestige
    • 3.1 Levels
    • 3.2 Prestige
  • 4 Story Mode
    • 4.1 Slayer:
    • 4.2 Demon:
  • 5 Yen
  • 6 Ores
  • 7 Inns(Spawn Points)
  • 8 Player Stats
    • 8.1 Health
    • 8.2 Hunger
    • 8.3 Stamina
    • 8.4 Experience
    • 8.5 Breathing/Oxygen/Concentration
  • 9 Status Ailments
    • 9.1 Burn Damage
    • 9.2 Poison Damage
    • 9.3 Stun
    • 9.4 Slowness


Let's discuss the basic controls first.


  • WASD to Move, Double Press W to Sprint
  • Space to Jump, Press twice to perform Double Jump (perk required)
  • Q to Dash
  • E to Interact
  • R to Sheathe/Unsheathe Sword(s)
  • F to Block (press it right before an opponent's M1 attack to counterattack them)
  • G to Breathe (requires a breath style)
  • B to Execute
  • J to activate Slayer Mark (if the player has 50% or less health, has prestiged and is level 50)
  • Z & X to use equipped items
  • M to access Skill Tree (only when standing)
  • TAB to access other menus.
  • 1 - 0 to use forms/abilities
  • C to Rush (perk required)
  • LMB to perform a Light Attack/Interact with NPCs and Text Boxes
  • Spam LMB to perform a Light Combo
  • RMB to perform a Heavy Attack (Guard Break)


Every players starts the game with a last name/family name, you get three free rerolls in the customization menu upon starting the game for the first time and use it to roll your favorite/preferred family clan. Some of these families give perks/benefits, some of them don't. Click here to see a list of families. Prestiging, creating a new history, purchasing extra rerolls with Robux and using a Wipe Potion can grant you more rerolls. Here are the color codings of the rarities:

Legendary Families (0.5% Chance)

Rare Families (1% Chance Each)

Uncommon Families (2% Chance Each)

Common Families (8% Chance Each)



Demon Slayers or Hunters, are humans who possesses innate swordsmanship and talent, and vowed to serve the Demon Slayer Corps to protect the innocent and weak humans from the merciless, brutal, man-eating Demons that lurks and preys upon mankind under the dark nights. Slayers are able to walk around in daylight, and have no adverse effects to Wisteria Trees. Slayers can choose to learn one of many Breathing Techniques, and can get multiple perks in order to enhance their combat abilities. Slayers are also the only race that can join the Slayer Corps.


Demons are supernatural beings who were once humans but lost their humanity after being converted into one. These creatures are human-like, but carnivorous, almost like a zombie, ghoul, vampires, or a cannibal even. And oftenly depicted as a person with a horn(s), tattoos etched all over their bodies, different skin colors, and cat-like or ghost-like eyes-- heck, multiple eyes, even. But they are extremely weak when near Wisteria Trees or under the sunlight, as they will continuously receive damage until death unless they either get away from the tree or get under shelter. Demons serve and pledge loyalty to the Demon King/Progenitor himself, Muzan Kibutsuji. Demons are not able to learn any breathing techniques, but with enough power can recieve powerful abilities called Blood Demon Arts and learn combat styles that can further enhance their abilities and techniques.


Hybrids were once slayers before becoming demons, and have kept the breathings they had before turning into said demon. In order to become a hybrid, you must be level 50+ and have at least 5 Muzan Bloods. Next, you will have to find Kokushibo. He can be found atop a mountain in the Frosty Forest, next to a large Moai head, near the Green Demon cave. If you choose to become a hybrid, you will lose 5 Muzan Bloods and half of your levels (level 50 to level 25, level 80 to level 40). All your skill points will also reset, and you'll gain demon appearances (horns, facial features, etc). Upon becoming a hybrid, you'll also lose Sun Breathing and the ability to learn it and any custom nichirins crafted from the blacksmith. You can also die from wisteria trees and the sun (unless you are a Kamado).

You must be a pure slayer to become a hybrid.


"Your story begins at Frosty Forest, just outside of your home village. You, the protagonist, were collecting firewood to sell but you took longer than expected. Upon returning to your home, you find that your family has been slaughtered by a demon. Upon this moment, you were either struck in fear and despair or filled with anger and rage. It's either you choose to take the sword or embrace death."

This tutorial is quite simple, take your father's Rusty Nichirin placed next to a barrel with a corpse inside and use it against the demon you're facing. This demon you're fighting is likely to be a Lower Demon who can't guard break you. The best option to this is to block and attack(this would be easier with the Tomioka clan, as it gives you Shoulder Bash from the start), or counterattack with a Perfect Block all the time until it dies. Do this if you wish to become a Slayer, but if you wish to become a Demon, just don't fight back, stay still and let it damage you until your health drops to 0, causing the demon to eat/execute you.


If you successfully defeated the demon, you get to keep the Rusty Nichirin and stay human, After some time passes, your uncle Kohon arrives to help you bury your family. He is regretful that he wasn't able to arrive in time to help, but he agrees with your decision to uncover the reason your family was killed. He tells you to find Hayaka in the soup shack at Hayakawa Village. Upon arriving, you talk with Hayaka. She tells you to get a Breathing Style, complete the Final Selection exam and become a Demon Slayer. From here on, your journey truly begins. Here is a list of the cultivators you could find in-game(a Breathing Style can be removed with a Breath Indict):

  • Urokodaki (Somewhere atop of a hill in Coast Forest, sitting next to a campfire)
  • Kujima (Somewhere down the meadows in Coast Forest, taking a good rest in his bed)
  • Grimm (At his dojo at Okuyia Village, drinking his sorrows away)
  • Rengoku (Atop of the White Peak mountain, take a right and you'll see a campsite with him standing)
  • Mitsuri (Also atop of White Peak mountain, just below the Ax Demon cave.)
  • Iguro (Same with Rengoku and Mitsuri, but he is on the other side of the latter)
  • Tokito (Somewhere at his own campsite in Frosty Forest)
  • Tanjiro (Somewhere sitting on a rocky hill at Coast Forest, watching the sunset/sunrise)
  • Uzui (Resting on a backyard of a house next to a neighboring house and Jako's place in Slayer Corps)
  • Shinobu (Atop of a roof of the Slayer Corps Inn, chilling)
  • Inosuke (Atop of a rocky hill ahead of the unnamed village in Corps Grove, dancing)
  • Gyomei (Atop of a waterfall near kamakura village, crying)


If you failed(accidentally or on purpose) to defeat the Demon, you'll be teleported into a Demon Hideout as a Demon. To know the reason why, approach the Demon NPC with long hair, who introduces himself as Charles. Charles explains how your family was murdered by bandits, and how a group of demons found you wounded and saved you, converting you into a demon(though this is just a cover-up story, as Charles was the one who killed your family.). Charles assures you that the rumored savagery the demons possess is greatly exaggerated, and far different when you see it through a demon's eyes. He lectures you on how demons are just surviving, and that demons feeding on humans are no different to humans feeding on their livestock. He instructs you to become stronger, and to talk to the Alchemist when finished. In order to become stronger or level up, you must venture the open world and defeat either a Demon or Slayer NPC and devour them. But it is strongly advised to avoid sunlight or wisteria trees(the pink trees), as those are deadly and could kill instantaneously. Once you reach level 5 talk to the Alchemist. The Alchemist questions you on your eagerness to awaken your BDA, He sends you to what he describes as a 'trial' to test if you are ready. Rocher brings you to a dark room in your mind, where the bodies of your forgotten family are strewn across the ground. You look at them in surprise, more shocked by the fact that you forgot their faces then their presence itself. You move further on until you reach a shadowy demon slayer. You realize the Demon Slayer you face is the version of yourself if you were able to defeat Charles. If you were able to defeat your parallel self, you'll return back to the Demon Purgatory and Rocher speaks to you, explaining that you have now awoken your Blood Demon Art, but you need more experience to use it. These are the BDAs you could potentially learn(can be rerolled with Muzan Blood):

  • Shockwave Art - Destructive Death (Akaza's BDA)
  • Dark Thunder Art - Electrokinesis (Kaigaku's BDA)
  • Ice Art - Cryokinesis (Doma's BDA)
  • Shadow Art - Umbrakinesis (Hairo's BDA)
  • Arrow Art - Koketsu Arrows (Yahaba's BDA)
  • String Art - Thread Manipulation (Rui's BDA)
  • Sickle Art - Blood Manipulation (Gyutaro's BDA)
  • Blood Art - Pyrokinesis (Nezuko's BDA)

Levels and Prestige[]


Levels are gained by gaining EXP from a wide variety of hostile demon and slayer NPCs. Each level equates to a single skill point, and these skill points can be used to upgrade the Slayer Skill Tree & Demon Skill Tree. The bar gets progressively harder to fill per level, and each death to any source will result in 25% of your current EXP to be lost. You can find your current level after pressing M at the bottom left corner. There is also a purple progress bar to the right of your hunger bar. This bar shows your current progress and EXP needed to reach the next level. The max level is 50, however, this can be increased through prestige.

(NOTE: Levels and EXP are not gained by killing other players unless the player has Body Absorption)


Prestige is a late-game mechanic which allows you to access higher level breathings and abilities. To prestige for the first time, you must first be at least level 50. Next, you must talk to Murata at Kamakura Village.

After prestiging, you will lose everything except for your family, but you will get 3 family rerolls (These don't stack) should you choose to use them. This means you will have to restart the game from the beginning (Demon you fought at the Start). However, it will reduce the xp needed to get a level by 20% and a level cap increase of 5 These bonuses stack, meaning each time you prestige, you will have the level cost go down more, and more skill points. (Since Update 3.25, it is now required for you to have the max level before prestiging, see chart below)

Prestiging allows you to learn Sun Breathing, Moon Breathing(not anymore), and have access to Slayer Marks.

PrestigesLevel Caps

To level up from 1 to 50 by killing open world bosses only, it'd take killing each of the following world bosses this many times without any quests or XP buffs:


  • Crystal Demon: 152 times
  • Blue Demon: 303 times
  • Green Demon: 567 times
  • Axe Demon: 1683 times
  • Zenitsu: 474 times
  • Gyutaro: 26 times
  • Kaigaku: 31 times
  • Infinite Castle: 7 times

Story Mode[]


After completing the Final Selection exam and becoming a certified demon slayer, you head back to tell Hayaka. She is pleased that you have succeeded and tells you information about the murder of your family. It turns out that the demon you killed was not the murderer, instead, he was merely a decoy to throw the evidence behind. The true murderer was Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King. You find out that your uncle Kohon is a Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps. Hayaka then sends you on a quest to kill Okuro, the former Lower Moon 6.

When Okuro has been successfully defeated, he tries to tell you the location of Muzan Kibutsuji, but he gets silenced by Muzan Kibutsuji's curse before he can tell you the location at all. You go back to Hayaka and she tells you to speak to the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kagaya Ubuyashiki. When you first meet Ubuyashiki, he sends you on a mission to eliminate 8 higher demons who are attacking a village. Once you return, he congratulates you and then sends you on another mission to kill some more demons and ultimately Rui, who holds the rank of Lower Moon 5. Rui is a String Demon Art user.

After you finish killing Rui, Lower Moon 5, you return to Kagaya Ubuyashiki and report to him. Afterwards, he'll give you a mission to exterminate 20 demons that are attacking Okuyia Village, mostly consisting of Higher Demons over Lower Demons. When you fulfilled your duty by killing 20 demons in Okuiya Village, an unexpected demon, Rokuro, arrives. Rokuro holds the rank of Lower Moon 2. He uses Shadow Art.

After you stopped the Lower Moon 2, the Hashira meeting takes place in the Slayer Corps. Muzan Kibutsuji then sends 20 demons to attack the Slayer Corps, you and the Hashiras have to fight all the demons. When You finally stop all the demons, Muzan takes you and the Hashiras to the Infinity Castle. Yourself and Giyu Tomioka, the Water Hashira, will face the Upper Moon 3, Akaza, The demon uses Shockwave art. After you and Giyu Tomioka defeat the Akaza the Upper Moon 3, You arrive at Upper Moon 2, Doma, The demon uses Ice art. You will fight the Upper Moon 2 with Shinobu, the Insect Hashira. After you and the Insect Hashira defeated the Upper Moon 2, the room changes, You meet Sanemi the Wind Hashira and the demon facing you is an Hybrid, the Upper Moon 1, Kokushibo, the demon uses Moon Breathing. (TO BE CONTINUED)


After doing mostly everything from the tutorial section, Charles decides to give you a mission he was assigned. A group of 8 Mizunoto were heading towards a demon camp when their cart crash, kill all 8 and Charles acknowledges your superior strength, and instructs you to travel to the Infinity Castle, as you will now take orders/quests directly from "THAT MAN"/Muzan Kitbutsuji. He will ask you to prove your loyalty by bringing him 30 Broken Nichirin then for you to kill the former Hashira Urokodaki.

Muzan then orders you to go and continue the ongoing raid at Okuiya when reinforcements arrive. Then you have to kill all 20 demon slayers. Once all of the Slayers are dead. Grimm the former Hashira and Wind Trainer will challenge you. (TO BE CONTINUED)


Yen is the main currency used in Demonfall. Yen becomes limited after beating Final Selection and requires some work put in to get more. You get Yen by killing demons, selling trinkets, selling demon parts at the Slayer Corps HQ, doing quests, trading, and more in the future. You drop Yen by clicking the coin icon as seen in the picture. Another bar will appear where you type the amount of Yen that you want to drop, then click drop.

Yen can be used for the following:

  • Fast travelling (Talk to the man with the horse-pulled wagon, costs 100 yen per travel), or go to the man sitting around a campfire at Slayer Corps HQ to teleport somewhere.
  • Buying Unique outfits.
  • Paying Breathing Trainers (Money needed for Thunder Breathing, Mist Breathing, Water Breathing, and Insect Breathing, Love Breathing, Serpent Breathing, and Stone Breathing).
  • Buying Food
  • Buying items from the Black Merchant.
  • Trading for other items.
  • Forging Items(e.g. Nichirin Swords, Crystal Key, Sawed-Off Shotgun...etc).

There is a little trick, where if you go to Kamakura Village, there will be a couple next to the soup store. If you talk to the man, he will give you 100 yen for free. This can only happen once, but it's nice to know if you ever go there and want some extra yen.

Haganezuka Family Perk: Ores sell for 5x (50 Yen per Ore) & Forging costs no yen.


Ores are a resource found around the map obtainable from mining ore deposits with the pickaxe in various places like the White Underground or on top of Trinket Mountain and more. There are currently two types of ore, Iron ore, and Sun ore. The only use for Iron Ore right now is for crafting the Sawed-off Shotgun. Sun ore is used for crafting Nichirins and the Crystal Key. You automatically get 20 Sun Ore from completing Final Selection, in which you can use to get yourself a Slayer Nichirin sword. Mining an ore deposit gives about 1-2 ore per hit. A deposit may need to be mined multiple times before it runs out. Both Sun and Iron Ores sell for 10 Yen each. (50 each if you are from the Haganezuka family because of the 5x sell buff.) Ore respawns every 120 minutes, or 2 hours. Ore is droppable.

Ores can only be sold using the NPC at Hayakawa village, the same NPC you buy the Pickaxe from. They usually spawn on rocks, never on the ground.

Inns(Spawn Points)[]

Inns are buildings on which players could spawn in and take a rest. These places are also essential for saving injured Slayer NPCs during Slayer Missions. By talking to the innkeeper on the first floor, you can set your spawn to the village.

There are currently 3 Inns in the three main villages, Hayakawa Village, Kamakura Village, and Okuyia Village.

When you start off, your spawn point will automatically be set to the Hayakawa Village Inn until you change it. You can only have one spawn point at a time, if you were to change to the Okuyia Village Inn Spawn, you would need to get to Hayakawa village to change it back.

Player Stats[]


Health Points is a very important aspect of the game as HP is the foundation of what's keeping Players/NPCs alive, these points can be deducted/reduced by doing some damage against them/against you, if the HP reaches 0, the unfortunate one will enter a "downed" state, in which they'll stay down but not completely dead(usually, downed players get back up after their health recovers into a certain amount), but they'll be if they were to be executed/finished off, causing them to spawn back to the Inn or teleported back to where they first came from(when doing story quests). You can see your health gauge below the screen at the top-left and in order to heal back, you must keep your hunger bar atleast have some amount or full, as the hunger bar allows players to regenerate health back quickly. The more health the player has, the better chances of survival they have. Players could also get back up quicker with Bravery, as it allows their health to regenerate quicker than usual when in a downed state. The Agatsuma clan has a berserk state that gives them a second wind for 45 seconds, and the Himejima clan gives +30 Health upon starting the game, giving players a good amount of 250 HP.


Hunger Points is the amount of food you have consumed. This is also very important as hunger helps players to regenerate a significant amount of health back to keep them going, a Slayer should not fight with an empty stomach. (An empty hunger gauge doesn't give quicker health regen to players.) Steel Stomach allows the player's hunger bar to decrease significantly slow while also giving the same health regen speed. The Shinazugawa Clan has a fast hunger drain for a faster health regen, and the Hashibira clan has a slower hunger drain, but also has a faster health regen. You can find your hunger gauge below your health bar. Foods that can refill your hunger bar are: Soup, Bread, Meat, and Premium Meat. Demons and Hybrids can eat Meat and Premium meat, and can also prey on NPCs/players. They can also absorb NPCs/players (perk required) to gain Hunger and Health Points.


Stamina Points is the amount of energy that the player requires to perform M1/M2 attacks, dash, rush and jump. And of course, Blood Demon Arts. As Demons with BDAs require a decent amount of stamina in order to perform a BDA, unlike the Slayers/Hybrids who requires a Breathing Bar in order to unleash a Breathing Technique. A bigger stamina gauge doesn't tire out players easily. Your stamina bar is on the top right at the bottom-middle of the screen. In combat mode, jumping uses 20 stamina points, which can tire you out very fast. Therefore it's advised to refrain from jumping often in battle.


Experience Points is the amount of experience you have accumulated from defeating enemies. When your EXP bar is full, you level up. Granting you a single skill point that you can spend on your skill tree menu. The more EXP you have, the higher your level is, granting you more skill points to unlock even more skill tree perks. Accumulating EXP gets even more harder the more you progress, and in order to gain more EXP and more Levels, you must prestige in order to multiply your EXP accumulation and increase your level capacity. It is advised to NOT die in-game, as your EXP will get deducted if you lose from fighting against foes, player or NPC. Your EXP gauge is located below the stamina bar. Your EXP efficiency could increase with Ubuyashiki, Kamado, or Tokito family names. Minibosses such as Kaigaku, Gyutaro, Blue Demon, Green Demon, Zenitsu, and Infinity Castle Raid bosses are best for EXP grinding, though it may be hard for inexperienced players.


The Breath Bar is a gauge that fills up manually by pressing G. This bar is required to utilize various Breathing Style forms against the opponent. Some breath forms require a larger amount of breath than others. An empty breathing bar doesn't allow to perform the skill the player wishes to unleash. In order to improve one's breathing, the player must head to Slayer Corps and get a clay gourd from Usso at a price of 500 yen. Just breathe in it by pressing and holding M1 and keeping it at the designated position(the center) until the yellow bar(breathing experience bar) gradually builds up, once that bar is full, the gourd "magically disappears" in your hand and you got yourself a higher level of Total Concentration Breathing. At level 10, the breath bar will never go back down, which is most useful for landing combos. This gauge always appear next to the avatar.

Status Ailments[]

Burn Damage[]

A status ailment in which it burns the opponent for a short period of time, the burn damage is stackable, causing it to linger for an extended period of time. Overtime, this could knockdown the enemy if they're low health. This is usually common with Flame and Sun users.

Poison Damage[]

A status ailment that can be inflicted against the opponent, and causes its health to drop for a short period of time. This is almost similar to Burn Damage, but 2x stronger. Stackable nonetheless. This is common in Insect Breathing and Kocho family name.


A status ailment that freezes the enemy/players for a short period of time after getting hit, this is extremely common, as every M1 and non-knockback Breathing Techniques gives stackable stuns that could lead to various openings for the fighter to take it and strike. This also cancels any incoming attacks if the enemy was attacked before they could even deliver the hit. Thunder Breathing seems to extend the stun period too. Stuns could also lead to locking opponents into an infinite combo, with no way out of it unless they have an I-frame move.


A status ailment that slows the players' movement for a short period of time. When your health is low (below around 10-15), you'll move (walk, run, dash, jump) slower. Mist Breathing's passive can also slow enemies down with M1 attacks. Slowness can help prevent enemies/players from escaping battles, combos, and attacks.

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