19 Best & Fun Things To Do In Beaumont, CA | Touristchief (2024)

The town of Beaumont, which translates from French as “beautiful mountain,” is nestled between two magnificent mountain ranges amidst a stunning Californian landscape.

The Southern Pacific Railroad was fed through this tiny route through otherwise impassable mountains and to the Pacific Ocean. The only time it underwent a significant change to become the serene tourist destination it is now was in the 1920s and 1940s.

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This idyllic region, full of local ranches and green orchards, is a great spot to unwind and enjoy the mountain beauty. Take advantage of the opportunity to fill up on fruit while you’re here.

This area is well-known across California for its Cherry Festival and regional agricultural displays.

Here are some fun things to do in Beaumont, CA.

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Things to Do in Beaumont, CA

1. Pick Cherries at B & R Cherry Orchard

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Fruit is well-known in the Beaumont region. Cherry Valley has orchards lined with hundreds of cherry trees just north of the city.

If you have the good fortune to visit the region in June, Beaumont changes for the neighborhood cherry celebration, which includes rides, activities, and heaps of delicious fruit.

However, if you’re here at another time, you’re not required to be left out. You can harvest your cherries for a modest price at the B & R Cherry Orchard. In case you enjoy sweets, the cherries cultivated here are especially syrupy.

When you’re finished, delight in your harvest in the farm’s pleasant picnic spot and patio.

Address: 1106 E 11th St, Beaumont, CA 92223, United States

2. At 123 Farm, Celebrate the Lavender Bloom

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Take the ethereal view of the colorful, blossoming lavenders during Beaumont’s yearly Lavender Festival.

Every summer, the Beaumont 123 Farm welcomes the start of the harvest time for lavender, where you can stroll through fields of lavender that are fully ripe and participate in the celebrations.

In addition to enjoying the vivid lavender’s intriguing sight, you may try and buy a variety of lavender-infused goods, from beverages to aromatherapy goods.

When you visit 123 Farm, do not forget to benefit from the wonderful photo opportunities by posing with the lavender’s vivid color as your backdrop.

Even if the farm is not in full bloom when you go, you may still take a stroll there and look around.

Address: 10600 Highland Springs Ave, Beaumont, CA 92223, United States

3. Grab an Ale at Craft Lounge

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At this cozy Beaumont bar, the walls are lined with Beer taps in endless rows. Visit this bar for live sports and the welcoming environment that make it among the best in town.

You’re guaranteed to find something you’ll appreciate because we stock artisanal brews, excellent ales, and many other foreign beverages from all throughout California.

The more daring customers especially enjoy their fruity meads and sour beers.

Watch their schedule for live music performances, artisan projects, or just the chance to sample some exceptional beers over the weekends when a Lounge is a gathering place for neighborhood events.

Address: 690 Beaumont Ave, Beaumont, CA 92223, United States

4. Visit Noble Creek Regional Park for a Day of Fun

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This Beaumont’s multipurpose park offers a ton of exciting things to make your journey packed with enjoyable leisure choices.

A dog park, horseback riding, ball fields, play spaces, and events are available at Noble Creek Regional Park to ensure your park’s visitation is never boring.

You could also prepare some food and organize a family picnic along with the countless recreational options.

You can attend concerts, festivals, and other events in Noble Creek Park and participate in neighborhood events!

If you want to take in the bustling environment outdoors and the city’s active community, this Beaumont park is the perfect stop.

Address: 390 Oak Valley Pkwy, Beaumont, CA 92223, United States

5. Play a Round of Golf at Morongo Golf Club

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Beautiful surroundings surround the golf course in Beaumont in the close-by Tukwet canyon.

With two distinct courses (the Legends and Champions) to accommodate a variety of skill levels, this expansive 36-hole golfing park is of the highest caliber.

However, pay attention to the rough; this course’s Champions layout may be difficult for even seasoned golfers.

When you’re through putting, head over to the large clubhouse, which also features a fantastic bar and restaurant, and enjoy the lively scene.

Address: 36211 Champions Dr, Beaumont, CA 92223, United States

6. Tee Off at Oak Valley Golf Club

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Make a tee time in Oak Valley’s Golf Club if teeing off is how you define a successful day and take in the peaceful sight of meticulously maintained fairways.

One of the best golf clubs in the country, this one in Beaumont has a difficult layout with sand traps, water dangers, height changes, and incredible shot values, which will put your skills to the test.

The golf course in Oak Valley offers breathtaking views of the natural slopes that roll and the gorgeous mountains in the distance.

If you are a newbie, don’t worry; you may test your abilities on the course for players of all ability levels and practice your swing on the driving range.

When visiting Beaumont, reserve a tee time to get a memorable round of golf.

Address: 1888 Golf Club Dr, Beaumont, CA 92223, United States

7. Explore Wildwood Canyon State Park’s Historic Trails

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Discover breathtaking sights of the surrounding mountain beauty at Wildwood Canyon State Park. The various bushes and untamed oak trees in this stretch of grassland are well-known for acting as excellent natural habitats for various small critters.

Several endangered animal species call this region, which is located at the base of San Bernardino’s Mountains, home. In addition, incredibly uncommon San Diego pocket mice can be seen there, so keep an eye out for them.

The indigenous Cahuilla Indians once traveled through this area with a rich history.

For additional details, speak with a native guide or explore independently. Old ranchers left a variety of structures behind.

Address: 12241 Canyon Dr, Yucaipa, CA 92399, United States

8. The Sand Trap Sports Bar and Grill is a great place to Watch Sports

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Sixteen screens are available at this neighborhood bar, allowing you to watch almost any sport you like. It’s easy to lose an entire afternoon here playing pool, watching sports, or drinking because of the laid-back atmosphere and abundance of activities.

This neighborhood tavern has a lot going on, including frequent trivia evenings and pool competitions. Amounts of fries are served alongside scrumptious all-American foods like burgers and pizzas.

While watching a game, sample one of their fantastic co*cktails or choose from their wide selection of local brews.

Address: 892 Oak Valley Pkwy, Beaumont, CA 92223, United States

9. Visit the Edward-Dean Museum and Gardens

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This tiny museum, located at Cherry Valley, a five-minute drive from Beaumont, features some exquisite items from the 17th to 19th centuries.

The items you’ll find at this exquisite celebration of the aesthetic arts include masterful ancient oil paintings, excellent antique china, as well as small lacquered boxes.

Many ancient books on art history and botany are kept at the on-site antique library. Among the library’s features is a ledger kept by George Washington, so keep an eye out for that.

When you’re finished, head back to stroll through the intricately landscaped garden, which features sculptures strewn throughout the garden’s twisting paths and beautiful beds of vibrant flowers.

Address: 9401 Oak Glen Rd, Cherry Valley, CA 92223, United States

10. Go Off-roading at the Lamb Canyon Trailhead 1

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The Beaumont Lamb Canyon’s Trailhead 1 offers thrilling outdoor adventures to get your adrenaline pounding.

This Beaumont’s stunning is the ideal natural retreat from your everyday care.

Get ready to be astounded by the magnificent sight of the lushly verdant canyon and the tranquil forest backdrop to lose yourself in nature.

The Lamb Canyon Trailhead 1 is the ideal location for anyone seeking to go hiking and ascend steep terrain for fun, ride a dirtbike off-road, and maybe you might try wintertime snowshoeing.

On your Trip to Beaumont, do not forget to bring everything you’ll need for the outdoors and set out for an exhilarating outdoor activity at Lamb Canyon’s Trailhead 1.

Address: Beaumont, CA 92223, United States

11. Hike around Mount San Jacinto’s State Park

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The Mountains of San Jacinto, which are close by, are among the most well-liked mountain ranges to visit when you’re in Beaumont. They’re renowned for their enormous height and breathtaking vistas across Joshua Tree National Park and the desert.

To enjoy the towering pine trees that encircle these mountains’ snow-capped peaks, approach from the north via sumptuous and exceptionally chilly Palm Springs – or trek among the several trails.

Although the hike is challenging, the breathtaking vistas of California from a height of ten thousand feet make it all worthwhile.

Address: 25905 CA-243, Idyllwild-Pine Cove, CA 92549, United States

12. Dine and Shop at Beaumont’s Downtown Region

A vacation to Beaumont would not be complete without visiting the picturesque city’s downtown.

You may casually wander through the neighborhood and peruse a variety of establishments in Downtown Beaumont, the city’s main retail district, which offers a laid-back environment and wonderful mountain vistas.

Downtown Beaumont has wonderful finds whether you’re seeking something vintage, one-of-a-kind, or trendy.

After your town-wide shopping excursion, you may stop by several cafes or eateries to refuel.

13. Visit the Giant Cabazon Dinosaurs

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One of California’s strangest sights is about a 15-minute drive east of Beaumont.

Two massive sculptures called the Dinosaurs of Cabazon were created by a renowned illustrator for theme parks Claude Bell.

These endearing creatures, known as Dinny the dinosaur and Mr. T-Rex, are well-liked by visiting tourists. In addition, they’ve appeared in many movies and TV shows, so you might remember them.

A collection of neighborhood evangelicals established a creationism museum within the Brontosaurus, formerly used to promote the neighborhood diner.

This is among the odder things to do in the Beaumont region, whether you believe in creationism or simply think it’s an intriguing and peculiar curiosity.

Address: 50770 Seminole Dr, Cabazon, CA 92230, United States

14. In Banning, check out the Malki Museum

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This tiny museum in the town of Banning, just east of Beaumont, was among the first ones established in America by Indigenous Americans. It is packed with fascinating artifacts and historical information from the country’s original inhabitants.

If you want to understand more about how the native peoples used to subsist from the land, come here for a session.

Their magnificent garden is a masterpiece of ethnobotany that complements the excellent museum exhibits and is intended to show visitors how native herbs and plants may be utilized to treat illness.

For those interested in the history of America, their rare artifacts and important library, which contains many excellent books about the cultural history of Native Americans, are of great value.

Address: 11795 Malki Road, Banning, CA 92220, United States

15. Attend Community Events and Have a Good Time at Stewart Park

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Remember to look at what’s happening in Stewart Park if you appreciate attending events and seeing amazing performances.

The annually held Freedom Festival, which features fireworks displays, and other public gatherings, take place in this Beaumont neighborhood park.

Live music events are also available throughout the city, as well as free performances in the park.

Stewart Park is ideal for a pleasant outdoor day with its picnic area and pavilions.

Also, in the park, there’s a children’s play area, a swimming pool, a skate park, a basketball court, and restrooms so that you may have a fun-filled day of activities.

16. Shop for Treats at Dowling Fruit Orchard

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This storied fruit store is the best spot to purchase fresh produce, snacks, and delights from the thriving agricultural region that engulfs Beaumont.

Try some unique jams, fig-jalapeno jam, or purchase several renowned cherries from the region.

They have some wonderful dried and crystallized fruit options that are healthier than chocolate-based munchies. If you’re searching for a gift for family and friends or a souvenir, they’ll even put up a basket of gifts for you.

In case you like the less healthy option, there are also lots of candies and nuts to be found here.

Address: 38021 CA-60, Beaumont, CA 92223, United States

17. Visit the Gilman Ranch

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Local ranches used to be common in Beaumont and its environs for agriculture and recreation.

Among the rare ranches that currently function as both a museum and a functional ranch is Gilman Ranch, located in Banning to the east of Beaumont.

The proprietors of this gallery own a fantastic collection of old wagons and several other farming tools and accouterments from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The variety of regularly scheduled performances and exhibits at this museum, which also feature demonstrations in the former blacksmith’s shop and wildly spectacular shootouts in the old west, is its best feature.

Address: 1901 W Wilson St, Banning, CA 92220, United States

18. Go on a Day Trip to the Whitewater Wilderness Preserve

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This magnificent wildlife refuge is tucked in from the San Jacinto to the San Bernardino mountains and spans thousands of acres of wilderness, featuring rocky gorges, tall trees, a sandy desert, and churning white streams.

The area’s well-known aquamarine ponds create a breathtaking location to observe the passing scenery because they are bordered by sand and white desert.

Set up a tent or visit one of the park’s wonderful picnic or wildlife viewing areas to get close to nature.

19. Play Some Pinball at the Banning Pinball Museum

19 Best & Fun Things To Do In Beaumont, CA | Touristchief (18)

The Museum of Pinball & Haunted Arcade, which is on the outskirts of Banning just east of Beaumont, features a timeline of this iconic arcade game.

Here, 1,400 pieces of pinball machines adorn the walls in a bizarre array that includes both classic and contemporary designs.

True pinball masters travel here to participate in regional competitions and unique one-time occasions, but novices are also welcome to test the devices.

No quarters are needed to play these games; they are all free.

Address: 700 S Hathaway St, Banning, CA 92220, United States

19 Best & Fun Things To Do In Beaumont, CA | Touristchief (2024)
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